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The work schedule, which required him to work a Friday shift from 3 p.m. was set out in the collective agreement between the Okanagan School Board and C. Also the objections of other employees to an accommodation can be taken into account when assessing hardship but not where those objections are based on attitudes inconsistent with human rights.

Renaud's religious beliefs would have required allowing him to work hours different than those specified. The Court finds that the existence of a collective agreement and the possibility of a grievance cannot be allowed to absolve parties to it of a duty to accommodate.

They're so scared of appearing to endorse religion, they don't even talk about it.

If you require accommodation for your religious beliefs, you must be proactive.

In this way, the school authorities became aware that he wore the kirpan daily.

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For example, a Muslim seeking prayer time during work hours or a Jew needing time off for holy days could offer to work later or on Christian holidays. Show your employer you have taken a thoughtful approach to your situation. Relying on the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in (1990), 12 C. Renaud because it feared that a grievance would be filed if it violated the terms of the collective agreement by allowing him to work different hours. Renaud should have been accommodated and that both the employer and the union were liable for the failure to do so. The employer argued that it refused to accommodate Mr.Follow these tips when requesting religious accommodation at work.If you go to your supervisor or HR department, they'll want to know exactly what you need.If you're a Muslim in a Christian workplace, how can you satisfy your religious obligation of daily prayers?If you're a Jew invited to the company's "pig and pork roast" picnic, should you skip it altogether or should you attend and not eat?On the other, some of these standards appear to communicate a refusal to accommodate cultural or religious differences.While precluding students from carrying weapons usually makes perfect sense, that particular standard appears to be a response to the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Multani (March, 2006). Balvir Singh Multani and his son, Gurbaj Singh Multani, are orthodox Sikhs. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the full text of a decision listed below click here to order.

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