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People stop and point and stare when we walk down the street in middle America; adults pull their children away from us; insecure, hypermasculine types jump us; hysterical people call the cops on us when we use a public restroom.

In much of the country, people who are obviously trans face being fired from their jobs and often find themselves being treated as criminal suspects by the police.

I hate the term "passing." It's used as a euphemism for death: “All were saddened at his passing.” I'm told I should be happy about “passing.” When used to refer to trans people, “passing” is defined as being accepted by others as a member of one's identified sex, on the basis of appearance, mannerism and voice. I've listened to so many trans people express huge amounts of anxiety about not being able to "pass," and I empathize utterly with their fears.

Ever since my voice changed and my facial hair came in, I've been congratulated by others (both cis and trans) for being able to “pass,” despite my height and frame (I'm a mighty 5'2”). People who are obviously trans--especially those who are perceived as "men trying to be women" by the transphobic--often face virulent bigotry.

She's now celebrated as Vasser's first African American graduate, but when her “colored blood” was discovered in 1897, five days from her graduation date, it was a great scandal, and the school was outraged at Hemmings' “deceit,” living in the dormitories amidst unsuspecting white “women of quality.” Hemmings, an excellent student, was given her diploma but sent home in disgrace, her classmates cutting off all social contact.

Hemmings passed as white in order to gain access to privileges unfairly denied to women of color.

Sometimes the motive for passing is more urgent—a matter of life or death.

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The results suggest that haploinsufficiency can selectively impair testicular development and permit the biosynthesis of AMH and testosterone in dysgenetic testes and the production of gonadotropins in pituitary gonadotropes.

It has come to our attention that an article published in the Winter 2016 issue of The Antioch Review is stirring debate in our campus and alumni communities and within the broader transgender community.

Daniel Harris’ views are his own, and based on the response of some readers, are deeply offensive to many transgender individuals and supporters.

Steroidogenic factor-1 (SF-1) regulates multiple genes involved in the adrenal and gonadal development and in the biosynthesis of a variety of hormones, including adrenal and gonadal steroids, anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), and gonadotropins.

We identified a novel , revealing a heterozygous single base pair deletion at exon 2 (18del C) that is predicted to cause a frameshift at the sixth codon and resultant termination at the 74th codon.

Functional studies showed that the mutation produced no demonstrable protein and had no transcription activity or dominant negative effect.

Clinical features included small dysgenetic testes with vasa deferentia and epididymides, absent uterus, blind-ending vagina, clitoromegaly, and psychosexual disturbance.

Recent studies have revealed that the percentage of women with COPD in Greece is approximately 12.5%.

Aims: To evaluate the burden of COPD among males and females in Greece through a nationwide cross-sectional survey and to explore sex differences regarding functional characteristics and exacerbation frequency.

The sampling approach included three steps: 1) estimation of expected incidence and prevalence of COPD cases in each prefecture of Greece and in total; 2) estimation of expected incidence of COPD cases per physician in each prefecture; and 3) creation of a frame of three different sampling zones.

Following this sampling, data were provided by 199 respiratory physicians.

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