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Through the years, the OHL Priority Selection was held at various locations in Toronto until 1981 when it found a home for 10 years at North York Centennial Arena.

Yesterday, I received a notice explaining that they had reviewed my information and determined that they were correct in their assessment.

An uplifting testament to the power of the human spirit, Allegiance follows the Kimuras as they fight between duty and defiance, custom and change, family bonds and forbidden loves. In “Higher,” Lea’s character, Kei, recalls her own childhood in comparison to that of her brother, Sam.

As the world around them pushes the two siblings in opposite directions, she questions how Sam could be so sure of his destiny while her own remains unclear. Relocated temporarily to a horse stable at Santa Anita racetrack, the Takeis were eventually incarcerated at Rohwer War Relocation Center in Arkansas.

Her life has changed at a dangerous pace, but as a dutiful daughter playing mother has she also been playing it safe? At Rohwer, George’s parents took a principled stand against an infamous questionnaire devised to determine the internees loyalties – a matter central to the story of Allegiance.

Because of their answer the Takeis and other internees deemed “disloyal” were relocated to a high-security camp in California, the Tule Lake Segregation Center.

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Their loyalty was questioned, their freedom taken away, but their spirit could never be broken.

Rejoice in one family’s triumphant story of hope, love, and forgiveness in the new Broadway musical: Allegiance.

I will be taking this first to my local sheriff's department to let them see that there has been no Texas infraction against my driver's license, as threatened, and then to my attorney in Austin.

At this point, the bill is less than but from what I can read here, this collection agency is fraudulently taking money from many people who owe nothing.

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