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Therefore there is a sense of aloofness and a way of thinking when County Councillor Giles-Medhurst attempts to distance himself and his party from what has been doing on since 2010 with his own party chopping funding to county councils which then means a cut of 25 per cent to funding the maintenance and repair of Hertfordshire highways and public footpaths.

I must also draw County Councillor Giles-Medhurst’s attention to the fact that he should not be making assumptions as to what political party I am affiliated with.

When the time is ripe they dive in with great speed and efficiency.

They are serious, caring, sensitive people with complex psyches.

But the truth is, had they just told me, it would have been a different story.

Cancerian people have deep emotions and fathomless longings.

Rather than take a risk and put all their energy into something that might fail, they prefer to wait and watch.

From my experience they just suck at expressing emotions genuinely.

They seem more comfortable with people they don't care about..seem to be more relaxed and more affectionate if they don't have an invested interest. They are mainly group people and really struggle with the one on one authenticity. But if he shows it to you- he's putting you on a pedestal- which goes against his ideals of respect.

Its true, that if you don't smother them with affection and questions or talk about your relationship they do seem to come around.

At first I have to admit that I was too emotional in the beginning (I'm a Pisces by the way). My aqua man has told me he liked me but I was only able to get it out of him once.

While most of them married within their own Anglo-Indian circle, there were many who continued to marry expatriate Englishmen. The same rigid social barriers that the British erected between themselves and the Anglo-Indians, also existed to isolate the Anglo-Indians from the vast majority of Indians.

Cancer is the first sign in the Water Element grouping.

This is a sign that dislikes taking unneccessary risks.

When the going gets tough, they are perfectly content to dig in and surround themselves with domestic comfort and security.

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