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Of course it’s been a while since I’ve logged on to OKCupid, but there are some guys who don’t pay attention to that and just like my pictures or check out my profile without looking at the last time I’ve logged in.I will admit that even I’ve been excited about a profile and then noticed too late that it’s been a month or three since the guy has logged in, signaling either 1) He found someone, or 2) He gave up, or 3) He’s in jail. I looked over his profile, and the very first thing I saw is that he’s Christian, and it’s somewhat important. I won’t date someone who participates in organized religion. Because I’m not waiting to be saved or led or subjugated. Since she was a child, Betts has had alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to mistakenly attack hair follicles, leaving bald patches or resulting in total baldness.Eve is completely bald and has also lost her eyebrows.

Because of this, she has developed a checklist which she runs through before each date.

In my time talking to women with alopecia, I hear a lot of the same questions and concerns.

If you read through some of the biggest challenges facing women with alopecia, I'm sure you will see yourself in many of those comments.

Although people with this particular condition may start to resume normal hair growth at any time, it cannot be predicted if or when this may happen.

Michelle, has been completely bald for the majority of her dating career and has also been without her eyebrows and eyelashes – a sign of Alopecia Totalis – for the past three years.

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