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We've gone through some of the most popular anonymous sharing apps so you can judge for yourself which ones are the least dangerous. An app for sharing secrets that "you could not share on Facebook or Twitter." It's styling itself as an alternative to the sites you regularly use to dump feelings.Secret's founder David Byttow has caught some flak for ignoring complaints that his app is enabling online bullying. A thought or experience you can't share with anyone? For a generation that grew up with the Internet, anonymity is basically a given online.Most people do, and sometimes it's incredibly painful to not be able to share it. But there's a growing fear that these apps, with their popularity among teens and young adults, are like bully breeding grounds. Over half of all teenagers have been cyberbullied, and roughly the same percentage have committed it.They advertise this app as a way to express yourself and share with others your artistic side such as singing or broadcasting what you are currently doing.You can also search for others who are currently broadcasting live, and with a active subscription view replays of their live broadcasts.App Review – You Now Threat Level – Very High You Now is an app developed by a company named You Now incorporated and launched back in spring of 2016.This app is available on all the major mobile markets and is free download.

You can also select the people you enjoy following the most. Or replay the videos they have streamed and created in the past.My Scottish friend, a nine, is "kipping." People on Puff Puff Chat like weed. One person I talk to tells me Puff Puff Chat is good for having "spontaneous intellectual discussions without the context of 'self'"; another says that the people you meet "are intelligent enough to hold conversations and not just put stupid things up like Chatroulette would, such as =====D." The conversations I have over the course of a few days using it—about music, and shitty jobs, and drugs, lots of talk about drugs—are engaging and funny a little more often than they're not.Puff Puff Chatters, like stoners at large, are an affable bunch.(You do have the option, when sharing your Whisper, to remove the location or make it more generic, such as your state rather than your city.) While you won’t see an location, the combination of Location and Chat (see below) would make it easy enough for someone to try to make contact in hopes of a meet up.Chat Feature– I was surprised to find a Chat feature in an app that welcomes you to “ share your thoughts with the world”.In the same sentence describing their app: “build lasting, meaningful relationships in a community built around trust and honesty.” Clearly the app is only as anonymous as you make it.You can start a chat with anyone who posts a whisper. I replied that no, I was just checking things out and that was that.– You now could be described as a mix between you tube and going Facebook Live.This app let’s you create an account with an email address, and go live by streaming whatever you are doing via your devices camera.You were 18 im 16 we talked about Kelsey and the importsnt things in life." No responses.) According to 22-year-old founder Eric (just Eric), that focus on the importsnt things in life in intentional.He said in a recent interview with I feel that high conversations have a unique quality to them.

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