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Famous for his special dance performance, touching lyrics, and witty stage manners, PSY constantly seeks to communicate with fans through his annual brand concert “PSY SUMMER STAND, THE DRENCHED SHOW”.2017 May 10 8th Album [PSY 8th 4X2=8] 2015 Dec 01 7th Album [PSY 7TH ALBUM] 2014 Jun 09 Digital Single [Hangover] (feat.He left after the band's first album debut, citing musical differences between himself and the other members of the band.After being released from A4, he signed onto M Boat, a former sister company to YG Entertainment.

Ever since his first song, PSY has maintained his unique musical color in producing various hit songs such as ‘Champion, ‘Paradise, ‘Entertainer, ‘Right Now’, and ‘Shake It’.Snoop Dogg) 2013 Apr 12 Digital Single [Gentleman] 2013 Mar 05 Digital Single [Gangnam Style Remix Style] 2012 Nov 19 Digital Single [Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit Mashup] (feat.MC Hammer) 2012 July 15 6th Album [PSY6甲] part1 2012 Jun 28 Digital Single [KOREA] 2012 May 08 Digital Single [Father (at Summer Stand)] 2010 Oct 20 5th Album [Psyfive]2010 Oct 14 Digital Single [Thank you]2010 Oct 11 Digital Single [In My Eyes]2010 May 14 Kim Jang-Hoon, PSY Digital Single ´Daehanminguk One More Time´2010 Mar 26 Kim Jang-Hoon, PSY Digital Single ´Cry Me One More Time´ 2007 Dec 18 Digital Single [Show] 2006 Jul 24 4th Album [Pssazip]2006 Apr 10 Digital Single [We Are The One] 2005 Jul 22 Remake Album [Remake & Mix no.18] 2004 Nov 08 Digital Single ´Someday´2002 Sep 19 3rd Album [3psy]2002 Jan 16 2nd Album [Adults Only] 2001 Jan 18 1st Album [Psy From The Psycho World!Wheesung subsequently attended the Gukje Digital University and Kyung Hee University's Graduate School of Communication.Wheesung began his career in 1999 with the short lived Korean boy band, A4.With two years of preparation, PSY finally came back on July 18th of 2012 with his brand new album [PSY 6甲] Part 1.Creating a strong sensation around the globe with his title song ‘Gangnam Style’, PSY rewrote K-POP history by setting a record of 100 million hits on You Tube, and by ranking on the U. Also, PSY attended the ‘2012 MTV Video Music Awards’, a prestigious awards ceremony of the United States, as a representative artist for Korea.Chuno/The Slave Hunters Cain and Abel Capital Scandal Creating Destiny/Making Fate Cyrano Agency Crazy Waiting Can Love Become Money Catch Me/Steal My Heart Cunning Single Lady Comrades Can You Hear My Heart Confession of Murder Click Your Heart Come Back Mister Cinderella and Four Knights Coin Locker Girl Cheo Yong 2 Chief Kim Faith Fashion King Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Flower Boy Next Door Full House Full House Take 2 Family's Honor Friend, Our Legend Fantasy Couple Finding Mr.Destiny Friends Fated To Love You Feast of the Gods Friend The Great Legacy Falling for Innocence Fantastic Goong S Golden Bride Green Rose Gu Family Book Great Inheritance Ghost Gye Baek Girl X Girl God's Gift 14 Days Good Doctor Gap Dong Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong Glowing She God's Quiz Goodbye Mr.Let's Go to School Scent of A Woman School 2013 Secret Garden Shut Up Flower Boy Band Single Dad in Love Smile Again Soul Spring Waltz Spy Myung-wol Strongest Chil Woo Summer Scent Sungkyunkwan Scandal Swallow the Sun Sweet Spy Stars Falling From the Sky Save the Last Dance Star: Radiant Love Spin Kick Sweet Lies Seducing Mr.Perfect Spy Girl She's on Duty Secret/Secret Love Secretly Greatly Shark Sandglass She Is Wow Sex Is Zero Sex Is Zero 2Surplus Princess/The Mermaid Seo Dong Yo Shine or Go Crazy Sweet 18Secret Love Affair Soulmate Temptation of an Angel Time Between Dog And Wolf To The Beautiful You That Fool Tree of Heaven The Legend of Seven Cutter The Worst Guy Ever The Art Of Fighting The Relation of Face, Mind and Love/Love is Blind The Suicide Forecast The Thieves The Grand Heist The Scary One, The Ghost and I The Slingshot- A San`s Story Two Weddings And A Funeral Twelve Men In A Year The Strongest K-pop Survival The Greatest Love The Heirs The Devil The Perfect Couple The Last Scandal of My Life Two Faces Of My Girlfriend The Naked Kitchen The Art of Seduction Too Beautiful To Lie The Birth Of The Rich Man Tazza The Prime Minister and I The Great Gift The Fugitive Of Joseon That Winter, The Wind Blows The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry The Traffickers The Musical Three Days The Joseon Shooter The Night Watchman The Three Musketeers The Fatal Encounter Taereung National Village Thread of Lies Twenty Years Old The Wedding Scheme Temptation The Lovers The Greatest Marriage The Girl Who Can See Smells The Con Artists/The Technicians The King's Face The Pirates Twenty Again The King and the Clown The Secret Message To Be Continued The Long Way Home The Flower in Prison The Time We Were Not In Love The Virtual Bride Tomorrow Boy The Man Living in Our House Touching You The Great Kings Dream The King of Dramas Train to Busan The Universe's Star Tomorrow With You Who Are You?

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