Aspxgridview rowupdating newvalues empty


I will not go in the detail about the environment and developing requirements, if interested jump op to my other posts.

The attached project is written in Visual Studio 2012. Also you will need a Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Express or and more advanced version will be just fine.

Last but not least you will need the 12.2.5 version of Dev Express ASP. If you do have a more recent version, upgrading the project should be easy.

Check this post about how to get the Dev Express controls and on how to eventually upgrade the project

Sorting and changing position of columns is by default enabled. Note : You can download Devexpress controls from have tried this with versions 9.2.3 and 9.3.2.

For example purpose I have used connection strings and queries in same file but for you, you need to retrieve it from web.config file and also use stored procedures.using System;using System.

You can change this easily be creating your own database and changing the connection string in the web config.– ricky Programmer Feb 16 '15 at @ricky you may also use HIddenfield and set its value like | tenantcode - is not a number value edited Feb 16 '15 at Stephan 3,138 1 10 31 answered Feb 16 '15 at Karen 41 4 Yes, you are correct tenantcode is a string, what can I do to correct it?– ricky Programmer Feb 16 '15 at 相关推荐:How can I call "delete row " event when i click on "edit" button in gridview C#s inserted in the controls which is outside the gridview and then row is deleted.Here's my code : protected sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender as object, By Val e as System. 1/ detailsview1 are working well at the time inserting data. then do it the right way w..does we map the controller "home" to the default controller "omecontroller" hi all i might be a silly ques but i wanted to ask how do we contoll goes to the homecontroller class when we are writing the name of the controller as only home in the template proj. Keys("Nama_PT") & "'" sqldatasource1.update() end sub After updating the record, i found my data has not changed, still old values.LOCATION = b.location INNER JOIN TENANT AS c ON a.tenantcode = c.tenantcode WHERE (c.status > 1) ORDER BY b.location," Update Command="UPDATE [TENANTNEW] set fixedrate = @fixedrate, percentrate = @percentrate, percentage = @percentage WHERE tenantcode = @tenantcode" On Selected="Sql Data Source1_Selected" private void Bind Data() protected void grd Tenant Update_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) protected void grd Tenant Update_Row Canceling Edit(object sender, Grid View Cancel Edit Event Args e) protected void grd Tenant Update_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) } ERROR: The parameterized query '(@id varchar(8000),@name float)update TENANTNEW set [email protected]' expects the parameter '@id', which was not supplied.c# sql gridview edited Feb 17 '15 at asked Feb 16 '15 at ricky Programmer 404 1 4 17 edited Feb 16 '15 at answered Feb 16 '15 at User125 105 6 Ive tried this, but it did not work, I think Karen is correct my tenantcode is not an int (number) it is a string, What could be the alternative code for that?A common way to use these collections is to HTML-encode the values supplied by the user before they are stored in the data source. Hi, I have problem in gridview rowupdating, e.newvalues("fieldname") return oldvalues. Anyone can help me pls, thx in advance regards,forzadetailsview1 has 5 fields named Id, States, Page Title, Page Content, Is Active. Add("onclick","Validate()"); Christian Calderon Need to work in Classic ASP?The main goal for this time is to add inline editing functionality to the grid, in order to be able to update the imports and manage adding, editing and removing credit cards.However we will add also a couple more enhancements in order to show the potential of the grid and offer benefits to the end users.

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