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What made the Romans different, however, is that they created two distinct creation myths for themselves.

In the first it was claimed that they were descended from the royal Trojan refugee Aeneas (himself the son of the goddess Venus).

And a word of warning: in Australia, 'bottler' means 'someone or something excellent' (as in "That try he scored was a real bottler"). This is the last programme in this series of Keep Your English up to date.

Archaeological excavation on the hill has found settlement here dating back to at least 1000 BC.

One man wrote: 'They are eggs but they represent UFO's as do the cola bottles they are the rockets, the "bears" are astronauts, it's just about making it cute for kids.'Another woman agreed with him, explaining: 'Egg = UFO, Cola bottles = spaceship, ring = saturns rings, bear = astronaut in his outfit, heart = ok don't know this one.'When contacted by Mail Online, a spokesperson for Haribo confirmed the truth, explaining: 'This seems to have people a little fry-ed, but we can confirm that even though they look like flying saucers, Haribo Starmix does in fact contain tasty eggs, as well as our other popular and well-known sweet pieces that have been brought together in one bag.' Others claimed that the sweet was definitely a UFO.

Like all ancient societies, the Romans possessed a heroic foundation story.

By late 1920, pressure from these quarters and uneasiness among the staff of the licensing authority, the General Post Office (GPO), was sufficient to lead to a ban on further Chelmsford broadcasts.

Anxious to avoid the same chaotic expansion experienced in the United States the GPO proposed that it would issue a single broadcasting licence to a company jointly owned by a consortium of leading wireless receiver manufactures, to be known as the British Broadcasting Company Ltd.

and used to fund the BBC's radio, TV, and online services covering the nations and regions of the UK.

Since 1 April 2014, it has also funded the BBC World Service (launched in 1932 as the BBC Empire Service), which broadcasts in 28 languages and provides comprehensive TV, radio, and online services in Arabic and Persian.

From the red hearts to the tangy cola bottles, Haribo's Starmix has long been regarded as one of the world's favourite sweet treats - the tagline is 'kids and grown-ups love it so', after all.

But one social media user has thrown everyone off by claiming that the iconic egg in the pick 'n mix is actually a [email protected]_W8hared a snap of a pack of Haribo and wrote: 'Wait guys, Haribo starmix ??

It's called Starmix, but wit does a heart, a ring, a cola bottle or a fkn bear have to do with space. Another woman agreed, adding: 'The adverts with the kids call it the eggy one so I'm not accepting this', whilst another user said: 'This is actually so untrue because they say and I quote "who's eaten all the fried eggs?

" in the adverts.'Others did, however, claim that the sweet was in fact a UFO.

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