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Let’s take a picture of that beautiful sky so we’ll remember our lovely, peaceful day here. No, I haven’t had the feeling that we’ve been watched all day, why would you ask? If that’s the case, where exactly is that hand coming from and what’s it doing just hanging out on top of that sleeping guy’s head? You have Mom and Dad all snuggled up on the couch with the kids dressed in their Easter best. Oh, and we can’t forget Uncle Frankie lurking underneath it all. And it wasn’t very evolved at all for her to not call you back and just say, “Hey lady. So stick to what you know is true, and give away all the fucks. Make a profile that shows you doing stuff you like to do. Your profile should say what you want in life and a partner, not list all the wrongs and tragedies done you, I would like to think. Any woman will be delighted with those later, but they want to know . You would be surprised at the fit dudes who like a little curvy. ” and greet you by saying how pretty your lips would look on their junk.

Apparently Joe, 34, has had a thing for Stacey, 26, since she appeared on spin-off I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Meanwhile Stacey, who shot to fame when she appeared on The X Factor in 2008, tweeted a snap of herself at Champneys over the weekend, but didn’t say who she was with.

#10, #7 and #6 are testaments to just how far good camouflage can take you, while #5 and #1 are just straight up creepy. He’s carrying his boots, so it’s not like he’d be barefoot if he wasn’t wearing the heels. Yeah, so if you’re agoraphobic you might not want to look at this photo too closely.

You can bet all of these pictures have a story behind them that’s been told over and over again. I’m not particularly bothered by spiders, but this picture still creeped me out. Demon child laughing at us puny humans as she plots with her human counterpart to take over the world while we all sip on our unicorn frappuccinos and wait to be slaughtered like animals? This girl has no idea she is about to be scarred for life.

The majority of people would scroll through these pictures without a second thought.

That’s understandable because, at first glance, most of these pictures look rather unremarkable. Somebody needs to call the exorcist pronto because pretty soon there’s going to be split pea soup all up in here instead of delicious root beer.

This is radio silence after having a date/dates/deep conversation.

Then a week later when they text you, you can ignore it. ” Or tell them you are too busy playing Mousetrap and American Girl Doll Salon, which in my case is often 100% true.

And the correct response is always a potato sack, orthopaedic clogs and horsehair panties. Gentlemen, strange women you have not met may want you to pay for a 0.00 dinner with only the distant prospect of seeing them naked.

Invite her to do things you actually like to do and if she hates them, she’s not gonna like you.

Take a closer look though, and you’ll see that there’s much more to them than first meets the eye. I’d really like to know the story behind this picture.

See how many you can spot just by looking at the picture. I want you to take a good long look at the hand in this picture, then look at your hand. I mean, I know sometimes you just feel like looking pretty, but this looks more like an evening look to me.

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