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The entire collection comprises more than one-hundred lessons in every aspect of magic including micromagic/close-up magic, escapology, mentalism and stage illusions.

It is the most comprehensive literary work in magic history.

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The original five volumes contained sixty correspondence lessons with more than 3,000 illustrations.

In addition to teaching specific tricks, The Tarbell Course also teaches patter, marketing, the history of magic, ethics, advertising, routining, presentation, diction and elocution, magic theory, performance theory, acting, misdirection, timing and showmanship.

In its impact on the magic world, it is second perhaps in its influence on the art of magic only to Hoffman's Modern Magic, and many professional magicians have based their careers on the Tarbell Course.Without the instrument Gregg Rolie wouldn’t have added to the undertones of Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” or “Evil Ways.” The Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post” might not be as popular. Jones could have experienced a bout of sour grapes if “Green Onions” were never composed.“Since the 1990s, the Hammonds have been making a comeback,” Testa noted.Abraham Baghbodorian is a Platinum Circle member of Tarbell’s Circle of Excellence sales club.He consistently produces an outstanding sales record while earning the respect and admiration of his clients and colleagues.The free six-hour concert, which occupies the second floor of the barbecue joint, features several local musicians pressing the keys of the Hammond B-3 organ.Longtime Jammin’ organizer Gerry Testa said, “Some performers may have never played together before and others have, but they may not have the opportunity to as often as they’d like.” It’s safe to say Syracuse Winterfest wouldn’t be as unique as it is without Hammond Jammin’, and several genres of music would be lacking texture if Laurens Hammond, who was a Cornell alum, and John M. The Hammond B-3 lineage wouldn’t be as vibrant if it weren’t for the improvisations of 1950s jazz musician Jimmy Smith.Syracuse Winterfest continues its array of midwinter activities and entertainment, pulling in local residents and visitors to enjoy the downtown area. 26, noon to 6 p.m., the 13th annual Hammond Jammin’ at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 246 W.Willow St., continues the festival’s promise for harmonious consistency.Harlan Tarbell, the remaining three volumes being added on later.This magic volume series was originally designed as a correspondence course for budding magicians.

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