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“Increasingly, there are poets, comedians, fiction writers, and other artistic types charged with engineering the personalities for a fast-growing crop of artificial intelligence tools,” the Elizabeth Dwoskin wrote.You may use these Services only if you are not barred from using these Services under your local law.CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13 ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE THESE SERVICES.But corporations, at least, have been listening: the folks over at Vancouver-based Lift are poised to launch Elevator, the world's first cannabis-specific chat bot for consumers endlessly curious about the benefits of their favorite plant."There's so much false and misleading information floating around the web about [cannabis's] effects, benefits, and how to access it safely - and if you're new to medical marijuana it can be really hard to cut through all the noise to get answers specifically tailored for your situation, "says Lift CEO Tyler Sookochoff.Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa all have personalities in need of shaping.(So, presumably, does Google Home, the competitor to the Amazon Echo announced earlier this month.) These personalities, Dwoskin reported, will soon be joined by more specialized bots developed by other companies, among them Sophie and Molly, “nurse avatars” that talk to patients about their medical conditions.Elevator will be demoed at Lift's upcoming trade show in Toronto on May 28-29 before it's rolled out in select markets across Canada.Lift isn't the only firm using this kind of technology to help people have conversations about weed.There’s even a “guru avatar” in development, designed to teach meditation.These products are exciting and futuristic—just a decade ago, the possibility of conversing with a computer program seemed like science fiction.

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