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Models that are sold outside of the continental United States cannot be tracked using this serial number inquiry system.These models are shipped directly from the manufacturing plant to the distributor in your country and are not tracked here in the United States at Charvel.While there is no warranty to the public from MIRC, MIRC does back what it sells direct to it's dealers for a limited time, the dealer has time to inspect the instrument and send it back if there are concerns, MIRC will make a dealer warranty claim good while the instrument is in the dealers inventory, and that's just good business for dealers, adds another layer to the inspection process, and helps dealers offer 100% great instruments to their customers.What MIRC does as a indicator of their work is they have a particular imprint stamp (two sizes noted as of 2010) that is hammer stamped into the back of every headstock on each instrument that goes through the MIRC reclamation process.

They saw that and invited me to go to the studio to record them."Where should I start?of the San Dimas Guitars I have seen are fraudulent.I mean how easy it it to make a copy of a Fender copy?mark that's hammer stamped on the back of the headstock and then you notice the last few digits of the original Serial Number are Smeared or Removed and or covered with a white or bronze color sticker with a black 9 digit number over the original altered serial number, If you were not 100% informed prior to purchase, you may be asking, WHY? C., who claims to be: " ", purchases instruments from major manufactures and wholesale distributors, with the majority of their inventory purchases as "less than first quality" guitars.MIRC Example 1: USED stamp and last 3 digits of the original serial number are removed. C guitars, that stands for Musical Instrument Reclamation Corporation of Franklin Tennessee, ( MIRCWEB dot com), This is my first attempt to provide information, that I have first hand knowledge of, to my fellow ebay members that buy & sell guitars online or at secondary local retail shops, I hope this information is received in the spirit that it is intended, that of friendship and good will to all. MIRC has a very high quality repair shop that reconditions the instruments, brings them back up to MIRC quality standards, and then in turn re-sells to dealers only as MIRC USED reconditioned guitars, they do not sell to the public.We have the largest collection of vintage guitar literature available on the Internet right here at Vint Axe.Our high resolution scans have excellent color contrast and even the smallest print can be read.The history of these instruments are not known to Jackson since the were not shipped thru their facility and therefore cannot be tracked by Jackson's service staff in the United States.Please contact your country's distributor for more information regarding these instruments.If you are absolutely against online payment services, you can mail us a check for and we'll send you a username and password via email. Bigsby Bill Lawrence Blast Cult Bob West Bolt Born To Rock Brazen Brian Moore Brownsville Buegeleisen & Jacobson Bunker Burnside by Guild Buscarino Campbell Carriveau Carvin Catalyst Chandler Charvel Charvette Chicago Musical Citron Concorde Conklin Coral Custom Kraft D'Agostino Daisy Rock Dan Armstrong Danelectro DBZ Dean De Armond Deering Dickerson Di Pinto Dodge Don Grosh Echeverria Electromuse Elger Epiphone Erlewine Ernie Ball Fedden Fender Fodera Fritz Brothers Gene Simmons Genesis Gibson Giles Giles USA G&L GMP GRD Gretsch Griffin Guild Hamburguitar Hamer Harmony Harris/Teller Hartke Hendrick Heritage Hill Hiser Holiday/Kay Tony Hunt Hustler Infinox Jackson James Trussart Jem Custom Jon Kammerer J. Player Jerry Jones Kalamazoo KAPA Kay Ken Bebensee Ken Smith Knaggs Koll Kramer Kritzberg Kubicki Kustom La Baye Lacey Lakland Lindert Luna Magnatone Malden Martin Marvel Me Lancon Mercury Metropolitan Michael Dolan Michael Kelly Micro-Frets Mike Lull Minarik Mirage Mitre Modulus Moller Monroe Montgomery Ward Moog Moonstone Moser Custom Shop Mosrite Music Man National NOVA U. Fenton Weill F Guitars Fibenare Fingerbone Flaxwood Framus Fret-King Fury Futurama Galanti Gittler Godin Godwin by Sisme Gordon Smith Gordy Goya Grimshaw Hagstrom Harrison Hayman Heart Hofner Hohner Hoyer Human Base Hunter Imperial Italia James Trussart Jaydee Jennings Jim Harley Jolana John Birch Klira LADO Lag Leduc LEOMA Manne Manson Marleaux Marlin Maton Mavrick Mayones Meazzi MK Mohawk Moon Guitars Nightingale Nik Huber Norsworthy Odyssey Overwater Pagelli Patrick Eggle P.Abel Axe Aims Airline Alamo Alembic American Showster Ampeg Anderbilt Astro Azolla Baker B. James Eggle Panaramic Radiotone Redwing Reno Ridgmount Rolf Spuler Ruokangas Sandberg Santucci Selmer Shadow Shaftesbury Shergold Sign Soultool Staccato Stagg Status Tanglewood Tausch Teuffel Tuscany VIG Vigier Vintage Voss Vox Wandre Warwick Watkins Welson Wilson Zerberus Ace Pro Alvarez Anboy Antares Apollo Arbor Aria Aria Pro II Aspen Atlansia Austin Avalon Axstar Bacchus Bambu Barclay Barrington Bass Collection Bently Blues Burnside Burny Camel Canora Caparison Caraya Casio Castilla Center Stage Channel Cimar Citation Cobran Columbus CONN Conqueror Conrad Cort Cortley Crestline Crews Crown Daion Dana Decca Devling Diamond Discovery Dixon Domino Dorado Drifter Eastman El Degas Electra Elk El Maya Emperador Encore Eros ESP Fantom Fender Japan Fenix Fernandes Firstman Fresher Freshman Fujigen Gaban Godlyke Gould Grass Roots Greco GTX Guitarman Guyatone G. Lyon Headway Heartfield Heerby Heit History Honda Hondo Honey H. Anderson Hurricane Hyundai Ibanez Inagaki Jay Turser John Bennet Joodee Kasuga Kawai Kent King Star Killer Kopy Kat Kum Han Lafayette Limmco Lincoln Live Wires Lotus Lyle Lynx Magenta Maison Mako MANN Marina Marlin Maya Mayfair Memphis Metal Driver MD (Music Drive) Momosa Montaya Moon Morris Mosrite Japan Music Drive Music Factory Noble Norma Odessa ONG Orion Orville Palmer Pan Pearl Penco Phil Pro Phoenix P-Project Pro Session Quest Raven Riverhead Rockoon Roje Roland Royce Sae Han Sago Samick Satellite Saturn Segovia Sekova Selva Shine Spear Squier Stafford Stage Starfield Starforce St.

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