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In a study presented at a meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA), researchers at the University of Kentucky followed 950 teenagers at 17 high schools in Kentucky and Ohio from 9th to 11th grades.They found evidence that teens who have intercourse tend to think their friends are too, even if they're not.

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And that means we must listen to them as well as expecting them to listen to us.

Remember that the earlier you start talking, the easier it will be to tackle some of the more difficult subjects as they grow up. Our sons and daughters may clam up overnight, sulk or do nothing but argue.

They may say things that upset you, and do things that frighten you.

Young people are learning about sex and relationships, not only from you, their parents, but from TV and films, online, and their friends.

They need and want their family to help them to sort out fact from fiction, to understand what is happening to their bodies as they grow older and to talk about their feelings and their relationships.

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Only 33 percent of kids in the study had had sex by the 9th grade, but 31 percent said that most or all of their friends had had sex.

"If you can persuade them that fewer are having sex than they think," she says, "that can have a significant impact on their behavior." Among young girls, a partner's age is a risk factor for sexual activity.

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