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In a recent Cancer Care Ontario survey on patient education , 76% of people with cancer from across the province reported changes in sexual function, with 73% reporting changes in relationship with their partner. But it needs to be flagged and we need to be pointed to something or someone that can tell us what’s going on. Another friend talked about having her libido disappear, like someone just switched it off.Anecdotally, people said that they were not getting the information they needed; they were completely unprepared. It’s often embarrassing and easier in the moment to be left unsaid, but normalizing the topic of sexuality is a great place to start. Occasionally the topic of sex, sex- I’ve got to believe that they’re thinking we might one day want to put something other than a dilator up there. Kept pushing the issue.” What she was saying was that maybe it was her fault for not pursuing the conversation. You can’t be in survival mode and want sex at the same time.Tobin said he wasn't aware of any families who called the first number.For the record, the correct number is toll-free 1-877-344-1313, option 9. A Field Guide to Therapy, Plus, Spring Style Preview: Shoes and bags for Days (& Nights) 2017 Survey: Sex, Lies & Laundry – The Secret Lives of Canadian Women.Gather news and expert advice on a wide range of topics including family, house maintenance, finance management, pet care, books and movies recommendations, timely notes and lists.feature, the Rogers Media title surveyed 1,000 Canadian women 35-45 about everything from career, family, love, sex and body image to provide what it calls an “intimate glimpse” of women at this stage of life.The findings are being presented in the magazine’s issue, which debuted on newsstands and the Texture by Next Issue digital app last week.

It’s having your sense of yourself as a desirable being stripped away; it’s loving someone who still wants it and needs it; it’s desiring it but not being capable of having it; it’s the incalculable indignities and the psychological and emotional trauma that accompany every single one of them. Surely our oncologists have a thousand other things and a thousand other people to worry about.

Who’s getting busy (and how often), what we are (and are not) willing to tell our partners and whether marriage is forever anymore.40 percent of women have sex at least once a week.

THE NITTY-GRITTY Once a day 4% A few times a week 18% Once a week 18% At least once a month 27% Every few months 12% Once a year 5% Not at all 16% 63 percent report a mismatched sex drive in their relationships.

Just over one third of respondents (35%) said they have been in therapy.

Nearly three quarters of people surveyed (74%) were either married or in a common-law relationship, with 82% saying they were very (51%) or fairly satisfied (31%) with the relationship.

Among its key findings, the study by Abacus Data revealed three quarters of Canadian women surveyed are at least as happy as they were 10 years ago, with many (44%) saying they are happier and 31% saying they feel the same.

However, 61% of respondents also said they have experienced depression or anxiety, with 56% saying they have taken something for it.

MSN published a Chatelaine article quoting Lori Brotto, a psychologist and UBC professor of gynecology, about women’s sex drive.

Brotto said data shows a lack of interest in sex is less of a problem for older women and may be an issue for some younger women who are multi-tasking in their daily lives.

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