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My friend, who lived strictly by the rule that you should not double text for fear of looking too “thirsty,” as the kids call it, was aghast. My now-boyfriend has been teased for “texting like a girl,” but it was immediately one of my favorite things about him.

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First, she chastised the reader for “acting married” with Band Guy and then stated that if the reader hadn’t had a prior relationship with Band Guy, she and Pre-Med , and went on to relate two other readers’ stories where the young women didn’t think there was any chemistry initially but changed their minds after several dates and are oh-so-grateful that they did. Are you together looking toward a God-honoring, fruitful marriage? Needless to say, I think Candice was so far off the mark she might as well have set a course for China. It’s the release of attraction and energy between two people. You want to play it so bad you come back every time even after you lose again and again. I could have chemistry with anyone I flirt with who’s attracted to me, but I’m married so I won’t.I'd heard similar complaints from friends: potential dates who texted too much, too little; used too many emojis, didn’t seem to understand emojis at all; were too serious, used to many “lols” when they clearly were not .Each text was carefully analyzed for hidden meaning. person has chemistry with every other person of the opposite sex when they flirt simultaneously. Now, let’s get serious, because I just about gagged when I heard all you want is to find a good guy with whom you have chemistry. Spare me, and listen to what a decent guy (no longer single) has to say to you: You Christian girls are ruining your chance at a good guy because you want chemistry. You’ve entered and lost a game you pretend you don’t want to play. One thing you need to understand about chemistry is it is just natural pheromones being released.The gist was really about the pros and cons of abstaining from sex until marriage.A huge point of discussion was the possibility of marrying someone who did not please you in bed.They have been together for two years, and although they are not (yet?) engaged, he has indicated to her and her parents that he would like to “love and cherish only [her].” The reader claims that she loves this young man (who is a pre-med student) but feels no chemistry with him, especially not in comparison to the band guy, and even goes so far as to say that if she and Pre-Med broke up, she could go on without him with no problem.

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