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You are putting yourself out there for the world to see, so put your best foot forward! If someone uses "your" incorrectly, I don't assume carelessness; I assume stupidity. Don't, however, tell people not to bother contacting you if they're not. You can make your preferences known in other ways, either in the check-box questions that most sites ask or by saying something positive instead of negative: "I'm looking for the soup to my matzah ball." 9.

Do NOT write a novel Anything over three paragraphs on a "traditional" online dating site like JDate is much too long. JSwipe), short and sweet -- and quirky -- is the key. You have to date to get into a relationship, so try to enjoy the act of meeting new people along the way.

Take the L Train — its name is for the downtown Loop, but we pretend the “L” is for “Love.” If you’re a sucker for the snow, you might want to bundle up with Jewish singles in Minneapolis.

Fans of the Cleveland Cavs should unite with Jewish singles in Cleveland.

Connecting Israelis and Americans to the State of Israel.

Brings together individuals of various backgrounds, to engage in Israel-themed social, cultural and educational events.

Administrative Office Mayer Kaplan JCC 5050 Church Street Skokie, IL 60077 Phone: (847) 763-3629 Email: [email protected]: Contact: Becky Adelberg, Program Manager Volunteer-run community of local innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, creators and educators who invest their talent and energy to foster the next generation of social entrepreneurs and impact our Jewish community." here are 18 tips for your Jewish online dating profile. Make sure your photos are representative of you, especially the first one. " On that note, also include a full-body shot of yourself. what you look like below the neck), they assume things, and often they assume the worst. They make people wonder if you're hiding something. Be by yourself in the shot Don't make me list the reasons for this one! Don't try to show that you're social -- we know you're social c. They also try to write it as quickly as humanly possible. End your profile on a positive note "Need not apply" need not be in your vocabulary.Better to have someone meet you in person thinking, "He/she is much better-looking than the photos! But this is one thing that you really should spend your time on. In your profile, provide a bold introduction Try not to bore someone to sleep a la last year's Kol Nidre sermon, or sound just like everyone else. If you're looking for someone Jewish, that's great! You haven't written your online dating profile yet?As bubbe would say, "You're not getting any younger, sweetheart!National organization dedicated to developing and engaging a network of Jewish leaders fighting domestic poverty.Places young Jewish adults, 21-26 years of age, in a year of full-time service at local antipoverty organizations. Let My People has been the grandest one of all, packing 'em in 3,000 strong, including Jewish jet-setters from London, Toronto, and Sydney.This year, they'll break in Chelsea's newest venue, Avalon, the new incarnation of the famed Limelight, oddly enough in an old Episcopal church.Critical Images.check Image For Criticality(this);"/With JDate in The Windy City, meeting your match online is a breeze (pardon the pun).But really, Chicago is our kind of town for fantastic dates.

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