Crazy like you dating

As a general rule, a person does not tend to have more than one genuinely ‘crazy’ ex. From personal experience, every relationship that I’ve been in where I’ve acted even the tiniest bit ‘crazy’ hasn’t been because I’m actually unhinged. Only being allowed to see him for one weekend a month and one weeknight a week also made me clingy and precious about our time together.

The first is mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Do you find yourself describing your girlfriend as weird or your boyfriend as absolutely insane? If you’ve found someone brave enough to be him or herself in this world of standardized proportions and fixed ideals, adore that person.

If you’ve found someone strong enough to hold on to his or her childlike sense of wonder, to be completely and utterly free and uninhibited, cherish that person.

Not to mention, you pepper each other’s faces in sweet kisses at every waking moment. Though he may see through your “oops, I didn’t mean to call” bullsh*t, he’ll probably let you slide.

At that stage, few of us think about his ex-girlfriend’s posts on Instagram or feel the urge to vandalize his car. Browsing through his social media isn’t that big a deal, as long as you’re stealthy about it.

The second are personality disorders such as borderline, narcissistic, sociopathic, and obsessive-compulsive.

They are both a type of mental and emotional prison; and when dating someone who has either (or both) type of disorder, it can feel like being caged.

If you’ve found someone liberated enough to be a complete and utter weirdo, never let that person go.

He or she will be like no one you’ve ever been with before, a breath of fresh air mixed with an electric pulse that shocks you into another dimension.

You may need your friends to pull you off the social media spiral you’re falling into. Now, you’re delving into his Live Journal and reading his old Zanga page.

Thanks to your fragile emotions, you’re beginning to lose touch with what’s sane.

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