Cts potentiometer dating


30% taper (just like vintage potentiometers) 7% tolerance Dished back Lowest torque possible!

Hey Zach, I have a Gibson Les Paul I’m trying to identify.

Upper Right: Starting in 1970, Gibson began stamping “Made in USA” on the back of the headstock.

Also some sockets are used, but sockets DO NOT FIT in an MXR pedal due to construction, so good luck getting the bottom plate on.Also check for MEXICO on the switch, with a date code like 0329 = 2003 26th week Mexican switch.Dating Telecaster Pot Potentiometer, Please Help Hi! Toppscore Well, if anyone knows how to date a Telecaster pot, PLMK. I also did not know you could date a guitar by them. Fender is/was very consistant as how the week/year dates were labeled/stamped on most vendor supplied items used within Fender guitars & amplifiers.Every component in your guitar is just as important as the next so we made sure we could provide you with the best possible volume pot for a beautiful and versatile sweep. We didn't look over a single detail and you won't find a better quality CTS potentiometer anywhere! Solid brass shaft and bushing C-Clip reinforced shaft Beveled edge split shaft for easy knob push on I just put a quad of these in my 2001 R7 Les Paul. The serial number is 676323, and “Made in USA” is stamped below that.I was told to check the potentiometer date codes, which all have “1377142” impressed into them.If one has a general idea of the age of the piece in question, usually the decade can be divined from that.Another alternate is in the format following: 188-5 69 32 188 is General Electric.5 is the plant code (in this case, Owensboro, Kentucky). And another is like this: 322 6104-1 322 is Tungsol, 6104 is 1961, 4th week, 1 is the shift code (1 would probably be the day shift) After about 1960, many tube manufacturers went to encrypted alphabetical date codes., such as: KE 188-5 The reason was purportedly to allow factories to track the dates of manufacture of defective tubes (especially important in the case of OEM customers that might send back entire batches of tubes), but avoid possible consumer complaints about "stale" tubes.Analog Man Guitar Effects These pedals have been turning up on ebay for the last few years. Someone bought up a ton of random old MXR parts, and many semi-completed pedals (I guess) and made "NOS" MXR pedals out of them.

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