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When you first meet a guy, most of the time you don’t have a friend who knows him, that can validate that he is a good guy.

Nick may have done "7 Things" that made Miley upset with him, but was one of them lying?

His sitting position here displays one of Alpert's telltale liar signs: "arms and legs held close to the body." It means he's trying to hide something. Chace's baby blues may feel like they're peering into your soul, but he has his hands shoved deep into his pockets and his arms tightly pressed to his sides, which Alpert says is "a sign of defensiveness and lack of openness." Could he be hiding a secret crush on one of his costars?

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When something seems off about the guy you’re dating or something is just not adding up, you tend to wonder if there are signs you should be looking out for that could indicate he’s lying to you.

Jan Hargrave who is a Body Language Expert, recently gave some really helpful tips on how to tell if someone is lying to you on .

Lying sucks, especially in relationships, but unfortunately, some people are really good at it.

They come up with stories that are just elaborate enough to be real, they have a great poker face, and they know exactly what to say to make you believe them. But here’s the good news: even the best liars can’t hide some of the body language that goes along with fibbing.

It's a sign of nervousness and agitation, and it happens all the time when someone is lying.

Source; Shutter Stock In fact, darting, blinking eyes are such a common sign of lying that many people know this - and make a big effort not to do it.

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