Dating after quitting drinking


First, it would be good to name a few of the “risks” that go with drinking more than the Guidelines suggest as safe.

If you’re interested, I’ll write more about each of the risk areas in future articles.

When they converted to Christianity in their thirties, they were under no illusions and they were desperate to make everything new.

They poured out all of the alcohol in the house in a grand renunciation of the old ways, the old bondages, the old addictions, the old possibilities.

Twelve months without booze, minutes to my self-imposed finish line, and here I was, in Las Vegas of all places. I was with six other people in the back of a limousine, cruising down The Strip, on our last night of the trip."You have 15 minutes left until the year is up," one of them said. " RELATED: TRENDING LIFE & STYLE NEWS THIS HOURA year ago, I would have been the one suggesting some biblical-level alcohol consumption.

I will drink at some point, perhaps a couple of cold ones on my 49th birthday in June. For three decades, I'd been drinking on the bad side of moderate.

In the old hard drinking days of business, my father never veered from his Diet Coke once.

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We made an occasion out of that moment as a family.

Too much alcohol directly causes a number of diseases.

The one that comes to mind immediately is cirrhosis of the liver.

on the shores of Lake Victoria just outside Kendu Bay, British Kenya, at the time a colony and protectorate of the British Empire. 1895–1979), and his mother was Habiba Akumu Nyanjango of Karabondi, Kenya, Onyango's second wife.

Jackie asked me how many drinks could her husband have in a day before she should worry.

It was a celebration, a milestone, one that my sister and I didn’t quite understand but we felt the relief in our home.

My parents had a complicated relationship with alcohol; not exactly personally although there was some of that but within their larger story of family and friends.

When her skin didn't appear to be recovering, the mother-of-two made the decision to quit the treatment - but immediately suffered horrific reactions.

– 24 November 1982) was a Kenyan senior governmental economist and the father of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.

Obama first worked for an oil company, before beginning work as an economist with the Kenyan Ministry of Transport.

He gained a promotion to senior economic analyst in the Ministry of Finance.

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