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Moorcroft enamels were made from 1998 only through 2006.Wade is historically famous for the introduction of the very collectible Wade Whimsies and the, almost as well known but not as popular today, Wade Gurgle Jugs and Decanters.The company changed hands several times in the 1980s and ‘90s.The Edwards family took over in 1993, and continues to successfully operate Moorcroft today.The Official Moorcroft Web Site reflects on that move to his own factory: “William marched his workforce across Cobridge Park to a new factory in Sandbach Road where Moorcroft pottery is still made today. After garnering more praise and furthering his own business, Moorcroft was appointed potter to Her Majesty The Queen in 1928.Money came from Liberty, the famous London store and Liberty continued to control Moorcroft until 1962.”Moorcroft won accolades for his pottery work early on. After his father passed away in 1945, Walter Moorcroft continued the business bearing his family name.He worked as a potter prior to that starting in 1897 when he went to work for James Macintyre & Company Ltd.

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The Aluminia Faience factory date its history to the year 1862 founded by August Schittt (1834 - 1863).

In 1868 Philip Schou took over the factory and moved the production to Frederiksberg.

In 1882 he bought the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory and the two companies merged to one.

So, how do you make sure what you choose is the right kind of antique furniture, that it's a sound investment in both taste and style that fits your budget but won't stop being fashionable Read More In 2016 collecting Moorcroft Pottery remains enormously popular with salerooms seeing quite a broad range of buyers still bidding at auction.

In the Collector's Guide by Caroline & Nick Pope you will find a list of the known painters with number-signature and their working period at Royal Copenhagen.

Identifying and dating Capodimonte porcelain can be somewhat confusing until you understand the history of the Royal Factory in Naples, Italy and see examples of the different types of wares made there.

Knowing which marks were used during different time periods also helps to date Capodimonte porcelain pieces.

In 1905 George Wade purchased the ceramics business of Henry Hallen of Wellington Street, Burslem and combined both businesses to form a new ceramics manufactory he called the Manchester Pottery.

Young George was only 2 years old when his older sister Daisy, died in 1893 leaving George an only child.

The site includes graphic illustrations of over 100 manufacturers products to help identify & date your pieces and over 10,000 makers marks and a full antiques glossary with a full easy to use search facility.

is ideal for the collector to check or verify attributions listed in online auction sales.

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