Dating coca cola bottle openers


Choose from Disney, sports bottles, special event bottles, foreign bottles and so much more!Check out all the great Coca-Cola new bottles and bottles from around the world. Buton has also extra old (25 and 35 year old) brandies marketed in very small quantities and specially designed bottles." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Becky Ryll To: [email protected]: jim beam bottle Date: I have found a Jim beam bottle it is from the 1975 collectors edition volume 10 the seal has never bean broke it is white with a fish on it. do you by chance know if it is worth anything or not. They are commonly made in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Can you tell me when rubber caps went into production? It says Aged 12 Years on the packaging, and I want to find out how old it is now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Cramer, Thomas To: [email protected]: Amber 7 Op Date: I purchased an Amber 7 "Op", Bubble Lady, I believe 7 oz. On one of the sides it says Linden on the other it says New Jersey. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Dawn Mc Partland To: [email protected]: Ink Bottle Question Date: I have asked this question before to another bottle expert but other than the two major ink companies of that era (Sanford or Stafford), he was unable to conclude. I acquired that original bottle with no chips and fully intact paper label back in the 1970s. Do you have idea idea what it might be worth these days? To: [email protected]: Date: I'm interested in finding an old Peychaud's bitters bottle. Thanks, Holly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Marriner Smith To: [email protected]: N B Parker Date: Hello I have been doing family research and ran across the following question that Sarah Parker submitted to you. I do not have any other information and do not know the name of the pharmaceutical house. Sarah Parker Livingston Tx Noah B Parker was also my great-grandfather and I would be interested in the same information. Marriner Smith Mobile, Alabama ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: maierville To: [email protected]: hello from Nebraska Date: Found brown glass clorox bottle, narrow bottle opening, it, s a 16 0z bottle. I can't find it anywhere to get any information about it. amber seven op Date: The bottle is an amber 8 bubble, bubble lady, painted labeling, no paper label, not squat, regular 7 oz. I have a clear glass bottle with a wicker cover tightly woven around it with a leather carrying strap. Side view of bottle attached; I will send view of cap in separate email. Perley Fitch Laboratories in Concord, New Hampshire. If you can give me any information I'd appreciate it. #2 Also have you ever seen a small cobalt blue bottle blown or molded in the shape of a human skull. These may be stupid questions but I know nothing about bottles, just found a cache of 374 assorted ones in an old barn. I was wondering If there is any monetary value of the bottle still sealed and has liquid in it. Please e-mail me some good news thank you Matthew A. I can tell that there is raised glass under the beautifully woven cover that completely covers the entire bottle. I know the fact that it is a very nice piece of work crafted by the Modoc Indians while they were in Modoc County during the time of Captain Jack in itself makes it valuable. I never thought to recheck your site, for on 10/15/01 someone named "Jim" sent you an email stating that he knew alot about these bottles & if you would refer me to him, he would enlighten me. Pat ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Chris Cartier To: [email protected]: Norwich poison bottle Date: I have a amber colored 71/2 inch coffin shaped bottle W/ Norwich16A on the bottom I am looking for any and all information for this bottle to include the age rarity and value ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Casey Miller To: [email protected]: Pluto water bottles Date: My family is from French Lick, Indiana and we were raised hearing about Pluto Water. The distillery employs both pot- and continuous stills and ages the distillates separately which are blended prior to bottling, Butons Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera (Black Label) is a blend of three year old pot and continuous still brandies, whereas Oro (Gold Label) contains seven year old components. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Doreen Davis To: [email protected]: leather decanter Date: Hello I have just required a leather decanter and know nothing about them it looks very cool brown with three sailing ships on the large part below and the stopper is wrapped in leather with the picture of the world there is a sticker underneath that says made in Italy where do I read more about this type of decanter could you tell me anything thank you very much Edward Perry I am not sure where you can find information about these leather covered bottles. The bottle has a rubber cap with a circle in the middle for what appears to be an insertion point for a syringe. I had little to no luck on finding out anything at all . I've been searching online and haven't had any luck finding this particular packaging to get an idea of what year it might have sold. It has a wolf's head on the bottom and it says on what I think is the front at the top Gordon's and at the bottom of the side it says RECP 610617. The original bottle that is was designed from had a diamond shaped paper label. The label is Armagnac Castagnon and on the front ' imported by John Reagan, London - 70o' From :- Bob Marwick no1shunterbtinternet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: PGreenedoc. Thanks for any information you might have and for your time and effort to research. Terry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lindawebb52 To: [email protected]: bottle Date: I have a 1858 Hiram Walker75 Proof Blackberry Liqueur, Peoria, Illinois. Very light purple it has the trademark cockoo on it, and shows a picture of a cuckoo bird. Could you give me an estimate price and year on this bottle? Thank You, Lang Hansen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: carol. To: [email protected]: Request for Info Date: Would like to know the value, please. I don't know anything about old bottles or anything but I did do a little research and found something on A. I would send a photo but there is no room for Attachments here. Thanks, Deborah Diamond ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Debsterdoo To: [email protected]: 1800's bottle that has Modoc Indian weaving Date: Hello Digger, Here is the dilemma, I have a bottle that is from the mid 1870s that has been in my family since that time. bottlebooks Digger ----- Original Message ----- From: "Cramer, Thomas" thcramerstate. us To: [email protected]: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 PM Subject: Followup. We were wondering want the monetary value would be Kathy quiltmaker5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: PATRONHP To: [email protected]: Snowcrest bear bottles Date: Hi Digger, In 2000 I asked for information on Snowcrest bear bottles & you did not have any information at the time.Who would have thought after William Painter invented the crown cap opener in 1892 that almost 125 years later thousands of different bottle openers would be patented for use in opening bottles?Every shape and size has been developed for use in a process that almost everyone takes for granted.By the time of National Prohibition in 1920, the U. had thousands of breweries big and small across the country.

In addition, since the 1870s many drink establishments sealed their bottles with corks. 1910-1920 (-), and a pipe-shaped opener from Winston-Salem, N. advertising “Moonshine Smoking Tobacco” on back side, ca. Many southern breweries had gone out of business by 1920 as the South passed laws to prohibit the sale of alcohol in their states, such as Tennessee in 1909.Pepsi-Cola, the drink and the name, was invented in 1898 but was not trademarked until 1903.The logo was changed from an elaborate script to the modern block letters in 1963. Until 1951, the words Pepsi and Cola were separated by 2 dashes.There's a Coca Cola bottle for everyone interested in bottle collecting.Pick your favorite from over 1200 collectible Coke in glass bottles.This is only a guide and you should find numerous examples of past sales before determing the value of your collectibles!Coca-Cola Salesman Samples Coca-Cola Button Signs Antiques Navigator uses numerous keyword searches on completed auctions to create this archive, if you're looking for coca cola collectibles for sale then check out this page coca cola collectibles For Sale.In addition to the crown bottle cap and opener, William Painter (Nov.20, 1838-July 15, 1906) also held patents on 83 other inventions, including machines for capping bottles, folding paper, and detecting counterfeit money. Early bottle openers were mainly in three groups, consisting of flat figural, key-shaped and cast iron. The lady named Angela sent you some photos of hers and minmse is exactly the same. However, it has some different markings, so I thought you might be able to tell me if it also one of these types of bottles and the approximate date or any other information you can find. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHEN THE BOTTLE WAS MADE IF POSSIBLE, AND MAYBE THE VALUE. The bottle is a clear bottle that stands 7 inches high. It has 1898 embossed in the bottom of the bottle with a k and a 4. 9 mark price is still stamped on top 33 cents ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: tp enterprise To: [email protected]: bottle question? I have a bottle that is a blob top and is embossed on the bottom PROPERTY OF F. This bottle is also embossed on the face near the neck with a CROWN and te words (in this size and font)"THE INIMITABLE GORMUND'S WATER". It has an raised picture of and eagle in flight surrounded by stars. It is blue pentagon shaped with 24 karet goled inlayed with the "75 anniversary " in the center of the bottle. It's a clear, round bottle, it's about five in a half inches in hieght and has a sem from bottom to where the cap the would screw on. Lospenuso ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Patty To: [email protected]: resending bottle pics Date: I am very sorry for your trouble . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: matthew smith To: [email protected]: worth of an old coca cola bottle Date: Hello when I worked for the Kroger co. There are two very evident seams on the sides, but do not go up to the neck. Thank you ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: KATHY THOMAS To: [email protected]: Mc Cormick Patriot Series Whiskey Bottles Date: I have inherited a complete set of Mccormick Patriot Series Whiskey Bottles.If you have any idea it's value or know someone who would appreciate it please contact me. This sounds, from the limited research I did, like a bottle from the 1940-1950s. Thank you, Nina Howard _Nn How_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Lisa To: [email protected]: Date: Hello Digger, I would like info on this bottle if you have any to give, This is what is on the bottle -- Clevenger Bras Glass Works, Clayton, N. On the side that has the writing there is a bunch of grapes, on the other side there is an American Eagle sitting on a branch, as you look at the eagle, too the left is three arrows and too the right it looks like an olive branch. How old may this bottle be and is it worth anything? It is in pretty good condition, but the label is gone although there are some traces of it still being there. It has no chips or breaks, and looks like a metal stopper on top. Thanks Alot, maybe you will have more luck finding information then I did. amber seven op Date: I can't find anything like it on the internet! Most of the pottery falls apart when it is removed from the ground but most of the bottles are in great shape.

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