Dating during a divorce in michigan


The retainer fee is generally like a "deposit" on your case and the hourly rate works off the retainer. Some retainers are refundable up to the point they are unused.Some retainers have a portion that are non-refundable.In most divorces, there is no advantage or disadvantage to being either one. In a divorce involving minor children, you will also have to sign a Verified Statement.The Verified Statement is provided to the Friend of the Court and contains the names and addresses of the parties and their employers and health care information for the minor children. Along with the Complaint, Ex Parte Orders may be entered.

However, if you have custody issues it may be used against you for the other side to say that somehow you are not a good parent because you are dating before the divorce.The GF should not be taking care of the children during your time with the children. If there are children, the father may object and the court may agree that there should be no contact between the person you're dating and the children until after the divorce is final or at least until it is clear this person isn't just a date, but a long term partner.My only concern is that you don't introduce your children, if any, to the person you are dating and do not discuss your date with them.DISCLAIMER: Information found on this site, and its use by a user, does not create an attorney-client relationship between the attorney who provided this site and the user.The provision of these resources in no way constitutes an endorsement by the attorney who provided this site of the services provided by these outside resources.An attorney can assist you with these details and help you determine if this is a wise decision. The spouse might want to raise this point but the Judge's usually don't make this an issue unless there is an issue with children.GF should not be picking up and dropping off the children if that applies.Ex Parte Orders are used to establish temporary child custody, child support, parenting time and other issues related to the children.Ex Parte Orders can also be used to prevent the parties from dissipating assets, or compelling the parties to continue contributing to the maintenance of the marital home. After the Complaint for Divorce is filed, it must be served on the spouse, along with any Ex Parte Orders.The Court does not take kindly to introductions to "dating" people when parents are still married.There is nothing illegal about the activity you are suggesting.

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