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Overall, 79,300 people came to live in Ireland over the year to the end of April - up 15pc - while 76,200 left.

Business groups have welcomed the data, but it has sparked a debate on the official Facebook page.

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Carol Swann said she "never wanted her sons to leave Ireland" and she knows they have no intention of ever returning to live on the Emerald Isle.This was then used to ignite The Emigrant Flame by President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline Kennedy and his sister Jean Kennedy Smith.The Kennedy legacy is just one inspiring story of triumph overcoming adversity which saw a family rise from Irish famine emigrant to the Presidency of the United States in only three generations.The poorest of them went to Great Britain, especially Liverpool; those who could afford it went further, including almost 5 million to the United States.In 1890 40% of Irish-born people were living abroad.Many emigrants are coming home to raise their own children amid the familiar Irish culture and values, while some have been forced to return because their visas have run out.Stock photo: Paul O'Connell / Getty At least 21,100 people with Irish nationality came into the country in this period - up 74pc on last year, when 12,100 arrived.You can also share in the celebration virtually even if you cannot make it to New Ross, we will stream the event online via the following link ABOUT THE EMIGRANT FLAME The Emigrant Flame was unveiled on the New Ross quayside in June 2013 during the JFK50 celebrations.A light was taken from the eternal flame at President Kennedy’s graveside in Arlington Cemetery, Virginia and travelled across the Atlantic as a Gathering Torch.Opportunities to shape our nation, such as the vote on marriage and the Presidential Age are something those of us living in Ireland take for granted.But the inability of the quarter of a million Irish people who emigrated between 20 to vote simply drives a further wedge between them and their nation of birth.

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