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Choose whatever you are most comfortable with, as long as you stick to the best practices outlined in the course.Table 1 shows the main syntax differences between HTML and XHTML.The series of documents supersedes the single document W3C Note Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.The topics from the earlier document have been separated into technology-specific documents that may evolve independently.Web browsers are usually lenient when it comes to decoding GIF files.You may find a really small GIF that works as transparent in one browser but white/black in another. While the techniques in this document should help people author HTML that conforms to "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0", these techniques are neither guarantees of conformance nor the only way an author might produce conforming content.This document is part of a series of documents about techniques for authoring accessible Web content.

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I want to parse the following text: WARC/0.18 WARC-Type: warcinfo WARC-Date: 2009-04-119T-0400 WARC-Record-ID: d4360e52-06c3-41c8-bb13-62db3a622ca7 Content-Type: application/warc-fields Content-Length: 218 software: Nutch 1.0-dev (modified for clueweb09) is Part Of: clueweb09- description: clueweb09 crawl with WARC output format: WARC file version 0.18 conforms To: File Format-0.18WARC/0.18 WARC-Type: response WARC-Date: 2009-03-67T-0700 WARC-Identified-Payload-Type: WARC-TREC-ID: clueweb09-en000 WARC-Target-URI: Templates/templates/business_general_template59WARC-Warcinfo-ID: d4360e52-06c3-41c8-bb13-62db3a622ca7 WARC-Record-ID: Content-Type: application/http;msgtype=response Content-Length: 21064 HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/html X-Powered-By: ASP.You should bear in mind that markup is supposed to be as semantic as possible, ie it is supposed to unambiguously describe the function of the content. HTML is the oldest web language, and the most common one you'll find on the web - it is a bit more forgiving in terms of strict syntax rules.XHTML on the other hand is a reformulation of HTML as an XML vocabulary, XML being a separate markup language with much stricter syntax rules.Below, we go over some common HTML coding errors and how to avoid them.Most email programs block the automatic image downloads by default, which could cause your recipients to delete your email or even mark it as spam.NET Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 Microsoft Office Web Server: 5.0_Pub Cache-control: private Date: Fri, GMT Connection: close Set-Cookie: COOtempname=; path=/ Content-Length: 20807 The above image has been optimized for lower GIF file size, hence some parts of it may look blurred or distorted.View the template sample web page to look at the actual optimized template graphics without any distortion.The difference between XHTML and HTML doesn't really matter so much any more, unless you find youself working in a web team in the future that has coding guidelines that favour one style or another.If you are using HTML5, which we will be doing throughout this course, then you are free to use HTML or XHTML syntax.Currently I have a gif of 49 bytes which seems to be the most popular. Graphics format is no concern as long as modern web browsers can display it and respect the transparency.But I remember many years ago having one which was less than 40 bytes. UPDATE: OK, I've found a 42 byte transparent single pixel gif: UPDATE2: Looks like anything less than 43 bytes might be unstable in some clients. Achieving the smallest possible GIF depends on the implementation of the GIF spec being used.

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