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[Read: 20 things that turn a guy on when he sees a girl] #7 You pay a lot of attention to expensive details. You know that expensive things look better than average mass produced stuff. You believe you deserve what you want and you won’t rest until you get it. This thought may have passed your mind quite a few times even though you push that thought away. Guys love your company, but girls usually excuse themselves from you in the middle of a conversation. [Read: Why guys friends are nothing but trouble] #14 You want everything to be perfect.

You like it when everything around you reflects your class and makes a style statement. #9 Your man gets nervous when you tell him you need to shop. You only use it to look good and make things around you look good. #10 You can’t step out of the house without your makeup. You want to be the best and you want the best of everything. And if it’s not, you want your man to fix it for you.

Being high maintenance isn't bad; it might even improve your relationship. Many women I talk to are neurotically obsessed with projecting a laid-back image to guys, which affects everything from what they'll eat on a date to how much time they'll wait before responding to a text.

"Women worry about losing a guy if they ask too much," says Joy Davidson, Ph. "So we tend to put men's needs above our own and hide what we want in a relationship." One 31-year-old researcher from San Francisco told me she was afraid to discuss exclusivity with a guy she'd been seeing for months: "I didn't want to weigh down the fun with the talk,'" she says."But in the end, the relationship didn't progress; it just fizzled." A 25-year-old fashion retailer in Manhattan has had similar concerns: "I worry about telling guys I'm annoyed about something they've done because I don't want to seem too sensitive."Ladies, we're being ridiculous!

As a dating coach and relationship columnist, I travel the country talking to young women about their love lives.

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These are normal human behaviors and basic relationship rights. Take a moment to define "high maintenance." For Tammy, 29, a Miami lawyer, it's "being generally annoying, imposing your preferences on others, and refusing to compromise." Now ask yourself: Don't some typical "male" behaviors fit that bill?

"The warning sign is that she's more in to external appearances than reality," Cloud says.

"You'll either get bored or have to deal with the reasons she's so concerned about her appearance: self-centeredness and insecurity," he adds.

The study, which was conducted in Great Britain, found that 19 percent of women have had a partner who is “difficult to manage” and 75 percent of ladies dating high maintenance men worry about how much time it takes to keep their men happy.

The survey found that the boyfriends' demanding behaviors included throwing tantrums when things didn’t go their way, complaining when responses to emails and texts wasn’t quick enough and wanting to hear their significant others say “I love you” multiple times a day.

But can your high maintenance tag ruin a perfectly good relationship for you? All eyes always turn towards you no matter where you are.

[Read: 8 things men want in a woman more than anything else] What makes a high maintenance woman so different? Find out everything about the traits of a high maintenance woman and the good and bad side of being one right here. You literally suck the air out of any room you walk into, but no one even notices your man unless you’re clinging to his arm.

Ally is a preppy tomboy who loves all things football and fashion.

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She's Consumed By Her Appearance Take note: If she's more concerned about how she looks than the experience of what you're doing together—like refusing to go swimming at your family BBQ because she doesn't want to get her hair wet or wash her makeup off—that's a red flag.

"When you take the physical out of the formula for a moment, what else is there? Also check out: How to Break Up With Her (The Classy Way).

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