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These ryokans are great places to stay at during the colder seasons, and are perfect for unwinding after a long day!Here are a list of some of the best onsen ryokan in Shikoku (those with private baths are highlighted), based on quality and value!The Iya Valley can be accessed via Awa-Ikeda and Oboke Stations along the train line between Okayama and Kochi.Hourly JR Nampu limited express trains travel directly from Okayama (1.5 hours, about 3500 yen one way) and Kochi (1 hour, about 3000 yen one way).This hotel couldn’t be more convenient for travelers transiting Osaka—it’s located just a short walk from the passenger terminal and train station.

Just be aware that the roads are very narrow, often barely wide enough for one car, and there are frequent blind curves that make driving both hazardous and slow.After getting our pilgrim’s “passport” (to be stamped at each temple), we boat to Shikoku and begin our pilgrimage at Ryozen-ji, the first temple on the circuit.We’ll also visit Kakurin-ji, a mountain temple 1,500 feet above the sea, and a temple where pilgrims touch an ancient tree said to have been planted by Kobo Daishi.Set in the center of Tokushima, the comfortable Tokushima Washington Hotel Plaza provides non-smoking rooms.The property is set 5 minutes' walk from Awa-Odori Community Hall, Tokushima Chuo Park and Komatsu Beach.The comfortable Tokushima Grand Hotel Kairakuen is a 3-star property set next to Tokushima Prefectural Awajurobe Yashiki, Shodoshima Olive Park and Goou Shrine.Founded in 1913, the hotel underwent a renovation in one of the largest directories, dedicated to bringing you quality resources on your topic of interest.We do our best to ensure that all information represented on this site is both accurate and current.The trip takes about about four hours and costs 4650 yen. The valley is commonly divided into two areas, Nishi Iya (West Iya) and Oku Iya (Inner Iya, also known as Higashi Iya or East Iya).A round trip ticket is available for 8370 yen and must be used within 10 days. Nishi Iya is relatively well connected by buses from Awa-Ikeda and Oboke Stations, as well as by a major bypass road from Oboke.

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