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Some suggested this was a nod to her sister Beyonce’s album.

After the event, Solange took to Twitter to call out unknown victims.

That's my biopic that'll be coming next year so you can look out for that. Man...everyone from Lil Wayne to the No Limit Boys to Jeremih. What's your overall opinion on the music game today? You turn the radio on and there's so many good songs. They both did something to help build that brand and Lil Wayne is so talented and Birdman created a mega brand, I think they just need to figure it out, figure out how to end the relationship on a good note so they can always be friends.When asked who she was talking about, Solange made light of the situation and says she was talking about a character from an animated Nickelodeon television show.“I was talking about Uniqua from the Backyardigans, always tryna b different. Although no confrontation actually occurred this year, the infamous elevator incident where Solange attacked Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, happened at the 2014 Met Gala.I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement to share this body of work I have written, with you.Album Cover Photography : @carlota_guerrero A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on Some of the album's featured artists include Lil Wayne, Q-Tip, Tweet, Dev Hynes, Kelly Rowland, and Kelela.On tracks like "The Glory Is in You" and "The Chosen Ones," Master P draws parallels between his own storied rise to self-made mogul-status—particularly his insistence on doing it independently—and the overarching themes of empowerment and agency.P is simultaneously the elder statesmen imparting decades of worth of wisdom to Solange, the music industry, and aspirational Blacks, as well as a fellow Southerner commiserating on it all as an equal. U.” Featuring The-Dream & BJ the Chicago Kid (Additional vocals by Tweet) 14. , Solange's excellent new album, is a tribute to both self and black empowerment, with the younger Knowles sister fully coming into her own on a supremely successful level.The collaboration isn't as random as it might seem—one of the album's primary interests is in the Knowles family's roots, which stem from P's own Louisiana.We hopped on the phone with Master P to learn how it all came about, his thoughts on the Black community's current status in America, and what he's up to now. I'm spinning a lot of the Drake, I'm spinning a lot of the new Gucci Mane, Chance The Rapper... I'm a fan of the new generation of music because I feel like everybody got their verse and their time.

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