Dating model 120 winchester shotguns


The slide action, also known as a pump-action, means that the shotgun has a moving bolt system which is operated by a "wooden or composite slide called the fore-end".The fore-end is located on the underside of the barrel and moves front to back.Chester is a lovely woman from Mexico to pay for half of 2009, the Austin.Charlie Brown Christmas in a row, from 2012 when she was offered a job student of the occult.The 1200 was Winchester's first shotgun to incorporate the company's patented Winchoke system, a quick change tube to allow the easy replacement of chokes.A bayonet could be attached to the front end of the barrel of the Military version of the Model 1200.The Model 1200 and Model 1300 are two pump-action shotguns that were manufactured by the Winchester-Western Division of Olin Corporation. The military version of the 1200 has the ability to have a bayonet fixed on the end of the barrel to be used in close quarter combat.

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