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He’ll be driving his specially built 1946 CJ-2A, a highly modified jeep that began as a bare frame and an old race jeep body.Desiring a family friendly vehicle that would take his family to ice cream, survive jeeping on tight rocky trails, and race on weekends, he spent two years constructing it.It desires to increase its member- ship in order to extend its services to a greater number of persons, increase its influence and enlarge the scope of its activities. "Horticulture" — a semi-monthly gardening magazine for the amateur gardener.

From: lori To: Digger Subject: Hiram Walker Wine Date: Hi Digger! there are some really cool bottles, and Ive enjoyed it probably more than the kids have! Would it be possible for you to forward me a copy of the page that shows the Number and all relevant dates.. Digger From: Mike Foster To: Digger Subject: RE: Here ya go Date: Digger, Tried to get this message to you yesterday, bit it kept getting bounced back. The particular group involved in this project doesn't take itself too seriously. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Sharon Budd To: Digger Digger Subject: Re: Budd's Beverages Date: I need to talk to in depth to my husband about the history of his Grandfather's business, so that I can share accurate information with you. It states it can be used for cuts, gunshot wounds ect.. I can send a pic if you would like to see what this looks like.YEAR BOOK TH€ PENNSYLVANIA HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY 1938 YEAR BOOK of The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Oldest Horticultural Society in America '^eo Nov.i* With Reports and Membership List for 1937 Edited by John C. Wister Secretary Issued from the ofl Sce of THE PENNSYLVANIA HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY 1600 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. would a bottle show be a better venue for their idea? It seems very old to me (But then what do I know)..sadly is was broken when I found it. I could also scan a few pages which might help give a general idea. Now, we are archaeologists, sometimes we're scholarly, sometimes we're not. we went to the flea market for the first time, and found that the people looking were hoping to find dirt cheap items only, and didn't have much interest from a collecting point of view. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Craig Miller To: Digger Subject: Broken Whiskey Date: Hello again, Here is another bottle I recovered from the lake diving. Also, and again, we would be very appreciative of any information you have on the retail costs for beer, liquor, wine, champagne, soda, and patient medicines for the late 1800s. If you have compiled a list, I can see what I can find.I need help identifying somewhat a date on a full wine bottle I found. we've also found quite a few milk bottles, and wondered about those as well. Nevertheless, this has been a fun project and we hope to make the most out of it. Mike PS - if I ever end up with another historic project, I'll write in money in the budget to buy your bottle books. We are producing a technical report to meet the contract, but we hope to publish a monograph on the project down the road. In the net few days we have a few things keeping us busy, but will soon get back to you with some of Budd's Beverages history. The medicine is still in the bottle that is corked closed. It stands about 3-4 inches and has a cork as a lid. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Frizzgir To: Digger Subject: Can you help me?? Recnetly I was digging in my back yard and I found what appears to be a very old medicine bottle. Brittany Chardin Brtchardin1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Bbillschef To: Digger Subject: (no subject) Date: I have 3 bottles I found in my basement.Here are the details: It has a cork that is covered. it has a a rope that is attached at the cork that wraps around the neck of the bottle. i guess it's just something that comes with experience, as to pricing and valuation. We have a lot of Budd's Beverages bottles, cases, and signs that are hanging around in our cellar. Please send me any info you may have or a website I might find it on. Bridget -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: John To: Digger Subject: ? Troy NY Date: Hello Digger I have a prohibition era case of Teachers Scotch in the original wooden bo. How do I go about finding the value or where do I go to sell. It is clear in color and it is 5 1/2 inches high, 1 3/4 inches wide, and 1 1/4 inches deep. They are from a company from Buffalo called American Bluing Company. we recently found that a portion of our 12 1/2 acres in southwestern pa. they would like to start a little business of sorts, and sell these bottles as a way to earn money for their education. The internet information is variable as you well know. Generally the items such as the patent medicines were very expensive in comparison to the cost of other goods. thanks, Beginner bottle collector -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Karenpie To: Digger Subject: (no subject) Date: hello digger.enjoyed your articles and reader's questions very much. i couldn't find out a lot of info, as the records from our small township are very vague, and our senior neighbors have conflicting stories. they are very industrious, and wanted not only to learn about the companies and products, but also find out if this was something of interest to anyone else. The seam goes almost up to the top of the stem but then disappears. We have looked through a great deal, but the resources available are limited. Costs of soda and beer will be more difficult to obtain but I have some related material.There was a small medallion that was broke and fell off , it hung from the rope. when i read the question about the jcb seigert bitters bottle, and remembered that we sold that one for , it made me think perhaps i better start asking some questions and getting a better education, if the kids want to save for their education! Sharon ----- From: Digger To: Sharon Budd Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 PM Subject: Re: Budd's Beverages Thanks Sharon, I appreciate your taking time to answer. Ebay policy won't permit full liquor bottles for auction. It is rectangular in shape until it tapers off with a circular neck. On the bottom of the bottle it has the word "KNOALL" and the number "6". I think it was some sort of bleach you add to your water when washing your clothes.The label says: BLACKBERRY BEST~~GENUINE POLISH WINE SPECIAL.. any information that you or your reader's may have to offer would be greatly appreciated. if you have any other material or information I'd love to publish it. cheers george -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Richwill To: Digger Subject: need info Date: Digger, I have a bottle with bo and papers that says Borozone, says the H trade mark. On the front of the bottle it has measuring marks with ounces on one side and milliliters on the other. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Brtchardin1 To: Digger Subject: (no subject) Date: Hello, I have been given an old Bottle of Crown Royal from 1965, never opened, seal intact with the date 1965. I haven't been able to find any history on the company. Red Chianti wine, product of italy, s.gimignano, casa Vinicola, bardi ubaldo, certaldo, italy.

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