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It's mostly targetted at couples who live in the same city but don't live together, but obviously I have no way of preventing the married ruffians from queering my data.I'm married, but I'll answer for how my wife and I were before we got married.Sometimes, out of our tiny amount of together time, we spend it with his family. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at [email protected](be sure to read these guidelines first). This letter from earlier in the week got me thinking about frequency in dating and what is considered “normal.” It’s been almost eight years since I dated anyone other than Drew, but I remember from my single days, and especially when I tried online dating, that, if I met someone I was interested in, I was happy to see him 3-5 times a week, which seems like SO MUCH to me now.Maybe it's just me, but regardless of if you're an official couple yet, you should act how you feel and show interest in someone.And if you like each other I know some people are afraid to come off as too interested, and some people genuinely just like having time to themselves.Do you still like to have a decent amount of time and space apart, even if you are into a guy? Take our little poll below and then use the comments to elaborate on how you feel.

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We still have sex when we're at his house (not as enjoyable) but idk about you men out there but what guy can be ok with getting it in only once a week or so when its available to you right down the road lol.I don't like to overthink things; if I like someone, I want to spend time with him.If I don't want to spend time with him, I'm spending time with someone else.We saw each other 1-2 days a week for the majority of our relationship (almost 5 years).During the last year, we tried for 3-4 but usually it was 2-3. When my wife and I were dating, 1-2 times a week since we were both kinda busy at that time and that was all she wanted/needed.3-4 times a week; we got together every Friday night into Saturday (she stayed over with me), and every Wednesday evening for tabletop gaming.Occasionally she'd stay through to Sunday, too, depending on what was going on. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months.He seems like the perfect catch, has many qualities I desire and my family really likes him.But I do think there's some sort of threshold—a minimum number of dates to keep up consistently in order to sustain whatever it is that you have going on.Here's what I want to know: How often do you expect to hang out during the in-between stage?

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