Dating parker 51 pens


Furthermore It also came out of research in 1939, the 51'st anniversary for the Parker Pen Company.

The Parker "51" Mark II is probably the most functional fountain pen ever made.

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he Parker "51" is the worlds most sold fountain pen.

The Parker "51" took eleven years to develope but Parker sold over 20 million pens during more than 30 years!

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Neatly cut oval depression on hood behind and in line with the nib appears to be an early form of nib position indicator, as later adopted for the 61, but whether factory or aftermarket cannot be determined.Sometimes, it’s really easy to nail a particular pen to a year. Parker has made it very easy to date some of their pens.From the 1932/1933 introduction of the Vacumatic until the 1950s, and again beginning in 1980, Parker has imprinted date codes on its pens.In this code, the second digit represents the last digit of the year of manufacture.The first digit represents the quarter of the year; 1 indicates the first quarter (January through March), and so on.It was the first pen that had the nib under a hood, the thought behind this was not to let the ink have a chance of drying on the way from the ink reservoir to the paper.ll pens dry up if they are left unused and uncapped for a while. To achieve this Parker also had to redesign the nib, a pen part that had looked roughly the same for centuries.Thus, a pen with a date code of 46 was made in the fourth quarter of 1936.During the second quarter of 1938, the first digit disappears, to be replaced by a system of dots.DATE: 1941 • CONDITION: fine-exc • 0 Click here for more images 10189: Parker 51 nib extractor: original factory-issued repairman's tool, ring 2.5 cm across, curved steel blade with stud on top is inserted between nib and feed, stud snaps into hole in nib, allowing nib to be pulled out without removal of shell (hood).Slightly shortened at tip (the thin steel easily chipped), still functional but use not recommended nowadays due to risk of damaging shell. 1945 • CONDITION: VG* • 5 Click here for more images 12576: Parker 51 Demi set in box: grey Vac-filler with matching .9 mm pencil, Lustraloy caps, chrome plated trim; pen has barrel imprint with 4th quarter date code, two pinprick marks on either side of clutch ring (for assembly alignment? Pencil barrel has multiple cracks, but still works.

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