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The boyfriend that seems “too good to be true” showering you with gifts and compliments could also fit the bill as complete and utter no-no. Paranoia He’s constantly eye-balling you from head to toe trying to suss out any unusual moves you make so he can accuse you of cheating. No normal human being falls in love that quickly - and tells you - no one. Narcissus The self-absorption of a narcissistic psychopath will put you at the back-end of his priority list. Only women are allowed to get away with owning armies of cats (and we’re still called crazy for it).

Don’t get sucked into the life of a psychopath - whether he's in need of some very real mental health assistance or is simply a proverbial "psycho" it’s time to slow things down and re-evaluate your Prince Charming. Any self-righteous gal will know that this sign is bad news. Besides who wants a man that doesn't know what he wants? He obsessively scours your Facebook as much as his own or worse, he requests to share a couple’s profile with you to avoid you talking to any other guys (his first step to take over your life). To him, he’s smarter, better-looking, funnier and more interesting than you. A classic post abuse move - he calls you crying his eyes out with guilt. If your man owns more than a few hairballs he's cuckoo, bottom line.

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So, unless you are clear on what to look for, you could end up in the worst and most confusingly devastating experience of your life.

It’s something that creeps up on you without you realizing.

There are psychopaths out there in the dating world.

Left confused and shocked you work tirelessly to get back to being his Queen Bee. Soul Mates: Psychopath’s are chameleons and shape-change to make you believe that the two of you are soul mates, that no two people could possibly find a connection like you share. He will initially go out of his way to please you and give you the best sexual experience of your life only to get you hooked. Devaluing: Now that the idealizing phase is over, the psychopath sees you as prey and begins the process of chipping away at your self-esteem by devaluing you. He silences you over something small making you feel as if you are the worst most flawed person in existence.

He will mirror all your pain with a similar story and mirror all your interests as if they are also his. He has no real identity of his own and so he becomes you and mirrors you back to yourself. Once you are hooked sex is also abruptly shut off and you’ll find yourself feeling insecure, rejected and doing what you can to get him to give it you again. Then he will begin to disappear and stop showing up in your life with any consistency leaving you guessing and insecure. Discard: Once you have been devalued the next step is to discard you.

Your life also may be at risk if your partner is really crazy.

HUMANE WAYS TO HANDLE A SUICIDAL PARTNER Such people have some typical traits that are sometimes exaggerated in Hollywood movies.

If you can sense these signs that you are dating a crazy person, then you should dump him/her immediately.

Such people can be dangerous when they are pushed against the wall.

They appear to be normal, happy, charming, wonderful people who have it together. They tend to be extremely successful, convincing and in control of their lives.

These experiences can be so devastating that you lose trust in yourself, you lose hope in people and become confused about who and what to believe. Queen Bee: Psychopath’s are smooth and move quickly in the beginning of a relationship.

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