Dating someone out of your comfort zone are dominic purcell and annalynne mccord still dating


Indeed, this is an image that’s often summoned when we think of the comfort zone, that state of psychic solace.

But like most mainstays of human experience, there’s a pretty straightforward scientific explanation as to why we seek the safety of our comfort zone. As far back as the beginning of the 20th century, intellectuals were already starting to think about why we’re creatures of habit. Dodson - the two researchers behind the self-titled ‘Yerkes-Dodson law’ – came up with a simple yet savvy way of explaining the correlation between arousal and performance.

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A cool chronicle and a great experience to share, what more can you want from a breakup!

Here we get up close and personal with some useful techniques to grow your confidence.

At some stage in your life you’ve likely spotted one of those ghastly motivational posters, the kind that sports a generic landscape underscored by some nebulous phrase championing the merits of “success” (or something similar).

In 1908 two American psychologists set out forge a more thoroughgoing understanding of motivation. The stateside duo proposed that when placed in a position of relative comfort, human beings generally tend to produce a steady level of performance (if you wanted to be especially scathing, you could replace ‘steady’ with monotonous).

However, Yerkes and Dodson argued that in order to deliver the best results, people need to experience a bit of anxiety – something the pair termed ‘Optimal Anxiety’.

In her mind, having a hot boyfriend will affirm for her -- and, very importantly, for everyone else - that she is, indeed, attractive now.

Someone who grew up socially awkward and not very popular might seek the super cool, bad-boy kind of guy because he affirms for her that she's no longer awkward if she can land a guy like that.

And sometimes, this person might just be outside that neat little boundary you’ve drawn for yourself.

Now imagine yourself proactively seeking someone who doesn’t fit in your ‘type’ from any angle. Here are five reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone and ‘type,’ and date someone who shatters all your ‘type’ expectations. Push your boundaries Being with a person who likes what you like, wants what you want, may sound like a dream come true, but it can also limit your experiences. S Friends are that support system in your life which never runs out of batteries.

There is no hard and fast rule as to what kind of person you get attracted to. But as individual choices take priority, you carve out a specific ‘type’ of person you allow yourself to be attracted to, and you seldom step out of this neat circle to find other genuinely interesting people.

As they say, you don’t decide to fall in love with a person, it just happens.

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