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Enjoy the coffee shops, the Mediterranean inspired restaurants, and discover what our village has to offer!

Stop by the medieval French town and soak in the historic architecture of Europe in the late 1600’s at The French Village.

Towers and the water wheel will draw you in, while street performances, outdoor dining.

Founded in 1963 under the leadership of Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda, we pride ourselves in being the first printing press in Dubai.

Centrally located, we boast a multitude of print machinery dating back to the ‘60s.

The TRA has said in 20 that these areas will have to come under the UAE censorship policy though.

For the most part, internet censorship is not overly draconian in the UAE.

Head down to any of the licensed restaurants or bars here to round off your day.

Riverland™ Dubai, the multi-themed dining and retail district located at the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts, the Middle East’s largest integrated theme park destination, has announced its upcoming, much anticipated annual event, “Rhythm on the River” which will take place between 6th-8th April.

Certainly, much less so than somewhere like China or Iran for example.

It would be rare that any news is censored, even news critical of the UAE.

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