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They were known as the on-again off-again couple, and you could always count on them to keep things interesting.

This is how they switch tracks so quickly from huge illness to new york trial, by making Holly reference her kidneys constantly. Then his new girlfriend(Tithings) admits that she has been slapped by him too and he loses the case. here’s the interesting part of this episode that makes me fear, slightly, part two.

And when it came for Holly J to give her big speech, her hidden kidney infection caught up with her and she peed herself while she was talking.. This episode finds her leaving rehab, and admitting she’s an alchoholic, and having new coping techniques.

She was wearing a skirt, so she didn’t even get the (relatively) tasteful dark spot appear on her pants. Which brings us to this episode, where Fiona deals with her issues, Anya deals with love issues, Alli comes back to school, and we just have to ignore Holly and the weirdest thing that’s happened on Degrassi so far(besides Paige’s one episode bacon addiction). She drinks to cope with the fact that her boyfriend beat her then accused her of lying about it then cheated on her with a girl named Tinsley(or Tinsey? Which is good, because the suit she brought against her boyfriend is now going to trial and she has to face him this week.

Although only two school years have passed in the story timeline since season six, season ten is set in the first semester, and first half of the second semester, in which the years it aired.

Writers have been able to use a semi-floating timeline, so that the issues depicted are modern for their viewers.

Fiona asks Holly J to go to the trial with her for support.

This felt insensitive to me because HOLLY J MIGHT BE DYING and they’re ignoring it completely.

The pair eventually parted ways, but always remained friends.

Little known fact—Sanya holds the title of longest lasting teenage couple in history. Holly and Fiona (Folly J) Like most high school relationships, this is a complicated one.

Jenna is a very talented singer and songwriter, which led her to become a contestant on Next Teen Star, although she was eventually voted off the show. " In Don't Let Me Get Me (1), Jenna is seen rehearsing the song she will be performing on the next episode of "Next Teen Star". In Halo (1), Jenna is seen at the entrance all happy. Jenna insists Sav will go for her, no matter what Holly J. In Halo (2), in the morning, her and Chantay are trying to get people to buy a wish star. walks up to them and starts talking to Jenna, thinking that she's falling for Sav and he's falling for her. Later, Jenna attends Alli's acceptance party, and she is listed as one of the important people to Alli, who helped her get to where she is now.

She also told Becky Baker that she started out as a brunette but dyed her hair blonde. Jenna's competitor and rival, Haley, makes fun of Jenna and tells her to lose the sweatshirt. She stops by Wishing Star Fund-raising table where Sav and Chantay are sitting and complaining about Mr. They ask Jenna if she wants to send someone a star, but Jenna donates some money instead. announces over the announcements about the magical dance, much to the joy of the students. Jenna tells Chantay about her and Sav's kiss, and how she thinks he likes her too. Jenna tells him to go away because he was never much help, and Sav was more of a help than him. In Closer to Free (1), she is first shown singing and playing her guitar in the front of the school with lyrics that her friends are too busy for her. At the end of their duet, Becky invites Jenna over to perform at her house in front of a group of friends.

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