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New Values("Some Field") with a value of null, it simply does not exist. "Flinky Wisty Pomm" wrote: If you just want to avoid duplicated code, why not move it into another method?You get a "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" if you try to do something such as e. public string get Field(IOrdered Dictionary values, string key) then it's a simple case of string str Message Body = get Field("field1") get Field("field2")...When the update button is pressed it takes to Grid View_Item Updating event as shown below code. But when i set up a breakpoint and read changed Text Box value, it is still the old value( the value before Edit button is pressed). Most notibly, the values dictionaries in the events for updating are not filled. Find Control("address"); whereas, and I think, your detailsview is named dv Record. Among the solutions named often are looking up the Controls to take the values, and using Object Data Source. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you. so I suggested to use this: Text Box test = (Text Box) dv Record.

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public string get Field(IOrdered Dictionary values, string key) then it's a simple case of string str Message Body = get Field("field1") get Field("field2")...A Details View Update Event Args object is passed to the event handler, which allows you to determine the index of the record being updated and to indicate that the update operation should be canceled.To cancel the update operation, set the collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.A common way to use these collections is to HTML-encode the values supplied by the user before they are stored in the data source. For more information about handling events, see NIB: Consuming Events.Hi, I'm trying to update values from Detals View using C# codebehind. Basically,the menu will be like this, Categories Sub Categories. I have a Form View control populated with some labels that use one way databinding to a database. When I run the web app, I choose to edit this field & can type whatever I want no problem. Hi zhughes, You can implement "go to the next line by pressing the enter key". How to modify the position of controls present inside detailsview?A friend asked me to help him out on this and frankly it has me completely stumped as well. I have a Grid View control and use old style manual binding with a Data Source property and invoke the Data Bind() method. Hi newbie2C#, The row in datagrid is called Data Grid Item and in gridview is called Grid View Row. Data Row is only one kind of row in Grid View control. I make some changes, click Update, and Item Updating gets called. Data Source = new object[] ; It shows up fine in the view. Upon inspecting Session["customer"] (which I'm using just so that I could check its value), its data hasn't been changed at all.

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