Detailview updating Livecams

I am working with a split view controller with a master and detail view.

NET 2.0 Instant Results and Dreamweaver MX 2004 Want to be my colleague? Hi Andew, Difficult to tell without the ability to try it out, or seeing other parts of your code. The reason it wasn't updating the entry was that in the Details View, I wasn't displaying the id (primary key) so the row in the table wasn't updating.

dictionary contains the names and values of fields that uniquely identify the record to update or delete, and always contains the original values of the key fields before the record was edited.

event is raised when an Update button within a Details View control is clicked, but before the update operation.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free ." Select Command="SELECT * FROM [OUP_SAPData]" Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" Conflict Detection="Compare All Values" Update Command="UPDATE [OUP_SAPData] SET [Job No] = @Job No, [GL_Acc Code] = @GL_Acc Code, [Cost Centre] = @Cost Centre, [SAPFirst Cost Order No] = @SAPFirst Cost Order No, [ISBN] = @ISBN, [SAPPONum] = @SAPPONum, [POCondition Type] = @POCondition Type WHERE [ID] = @original_ID AND [Job No] = @original_Job No AND [GL_Acc Code] = @original_GL_Acc Code AND [Cost Centre] = @original_Cost Centre AND [SAPFirst Cost Order No] = @original_SAPFirst Cost Order No AND [ISBN] = @original_ISBN AND [SAPPONum] = @original_SAPPONum AND [POCondition Type] = @original_POCondition Type"The error message or problem description maybe?

Maybe some fields are null, or get lost when the Details View posts back so the WHERE clause never finds the right record to update? It's not a major issue, I just would rather not have to show it... Did you set the Data Key Names property of the Details View to the primary key(s) of the record in the database?

If you don't have configured this type of db connection and you're doing everything manually you have to do manually map db fields to specified controls (textbox,combobox...) and put it on the form.

After that, you can create your own class for managing mapped fields or use . Now, after data changing, you can call Update method which can update db using data collected from form.

The employee details are shown in a Details View, which is bound to Northwind database.

The problem is when I click Edit and change some data and then click Update - the fields returns to the initial state as if nothing has changed.

I am having trouble setting up the communication between the two sides.

I have tried to simply call that method using [master View Controller update Calcs], but that doesnt seem to work and errors out with the below: I don't know what you are actually updating and sending between these.

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