Dhcp is not dynamically updating dns


The motivation for this is analysis of the proxy server logs by hostname rather than IP address.

dhcp is not dynamically updating dns-18dhcp is not dynamically updating dns-54dhcp is not dynamically updating dns-42dhcp is not dynamically updating dns-14

No error is logged in the event viewer of either the client and the server.

The only thing I changed to try and get it to work, was to change the dhcp - dns setting from dynamically update dns to always update dns.

On my workstation and I suppose on the others, there is a NETLOGON error in the event viewer\system folder which states: Attempt to update DNS Host Name of the computer object in Active Directory failed. The following error occurred: The parameter is incorrect.

I click on the link to trouble shoot, and I get this: Explanation Active Directory could not update the DNS Host Name of the computer object.

Possible causes include: The computer is not configured to use the correct DNS servers. The DNS zone is not configured to support secure dynamic updates.

The DHCP server is setup to always update both A and PTR record.

The problem is that the PTR aren't actually updated and, sometimes, the A record isn't either.

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Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000(More info? )Background Info: A couple of weeks ago, we introduced another w2k3 server into the domain.

My question is concerning dynamic DNS updates by DHCP.

I have a Cent OS 6.4 server which is both a DNS server and DHCP server for the internal network. The server also runs Samba4 AD which interacts with BIND using the DLZ plugin.

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