Disable automatic updating of email addresses based on email policy

If the conditions are met, the inbound email action runs the script.

By default, if an email has no identifiable watermark, an inbound email action attempts to create a new incident from the message.

For detailed examples of email actions that interact with incidents, problems, and change requests, see Examples of Inbound Email Actions.

You can still find these addresses by checking the messages in your Sent mail area, so they're not too far out of reach should you need to find one of them again.

The Recent Contacts feature introduced in Notes 8.x is a view in your personal address book containing a local cache of people with whom you frequently collaborate.

Inbound email actions are similar to business rules, using both conditions and scripts.

The inbound email action checks the email for a watermark that associates it with a task and checks for other conditions.

This can only be performed by an administrator with super administrator privileges.

A warning will be displayed to confirm the removal of the address and all list entries.

To add an inbound email action: Note: By default, inbound emails of the Forward type always generate new incidents regardless of the presence of a watermark.

Gmail is set up to create a new contact for each email you send.

I have 20 e-mail addresses associated with my account: [email protected], [email protected], etc. If they ever allow the address to get polluted by SPAM, I can delete it without killing my main address, AND I know who was careless with my e-mail address. Step 2: Click on the Mail Setup tab, if you want to disable automatic sending of messages, just uncheck the box next to “Send Immediately when connected”, this will disable automatic sending of messages.

The reason I ask is that if it is just about multiple e-mail addresses, and not segregation of mail, you can associate both e-mail addresses with one Exchange mailbox.

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