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Something is missing if we are not eager to embrace the practice that first leads us to salvation and then continues to draw us into a deeper relationship with God.The hope: Godly sorrow Judas gets a bad rap because he betrayed Jesus for pieces of silver. In fact, every single one of Jesus’ disciples abandoned him on his way to the cross.Marriage is meant to be, among other things, an illustration of the relationship between Christ and the church (Ephesians 5); the husband typifies Christ and the wife typifies the church.Clearly it is Christ who initiates the relationship; "We love, because He first loved us" (1 John ).The principles of loving toughness are the same for those who are single as for those who have been married for decades.There are circumstances, however, that are specific to the courtship period.

When people believe it is to have sex before marriage, a little (or a lot of) touching doesn’t really mean anything. Two young people fall in love and, before they are married, they decide to have sex.Look it up in the dictionary, and you’ll find explanations like “to feel sorry,” “conscience-stricken” and “self-reproachful.” Pair that with the dust and ashes that represent our mortality, and the fasting that serves as a constant reminder of our frailty, and the whole idea of repentance — the whole idea of Lent, which is a long season of repentance — may sound pretty miserable.But something is missing from our understanding of repentance if we are not drawn to it.Women, on the other hand, are frustrated because they want men to take initiative, to lead. Don't believe everything you hear; Christ-centered women still believe that God assigned respective roles to the sexes. Initiating the relationship It takes a man to be an initiator.Relationship building with the opposite sex is risky, but in God's created order This may sound old-fashioned, but I believe it not for the sake of tradition, which of necessity comes and goes, but because it is biblical.Furthermore, the Ephesians 5 passage describes the husband as "the head of the wife." Men are called to be—created to be—leaders.This is not an empowerment that mystically comes over a man at his wedding, but part of his inherent nature.It isn’t a term we often use outside of a church context.It’s one of those scary-sounding “Christianese” words that few of us feel comfortable with, probably because it conjures up images of crazy old men standing on street corners, holding picket signs and yelling at people as they pass by.She has been married to her husband, Walter for 31 years. They have three daughters ages 29, 27 and 25 and a son who is 21. For those dating, it can be exhilarating—actual, real-live, skin-to-skin contact with someone of the opposite sex.

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