Eclipse updating maven dependencies stuck


Hello, I have Eclipse Indigo SR1 and have installed the Maven plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace called m2e Maven Integration for Eclipse by EPL.I can now see an item called Maven in the contextual menu when right clicking on the project name in the left pane.I'm wondering if it might have to do with me switching my project to use target/ instead of target-eclipse/.

Yeah, this is all public: On a related note, I'm often getting stuck in an endless "building workspace" step now which seems to be related to the maven plugin.

However, if the user guide mentions those classes as configuration values, they are supported and can be considered stable.

After downloading the Activiti Explorer WAR file from the Activiti website, follow these steps to get the demo setup running with default settings.

existing project to work space), but after loading eclipse starts Updating Maven Dependencies infinitely.

I tried to build the project through console, with mvn build command and there the project built successfully, but I have absolutely no idea why maven plugin giving problem here in eclipse?

Problem Statement On my Eclipse / STS IDE, when i open a (maven) project, it often gets stuck trying to resolve dependencies with ‘refreshing maven model’ message endlessly.

For all projects that have large number of dependencies, this may be the thing to do! Now when you open your IDE, there are no dependencies to resolve, and you will not see the refreshing maven model problem.

The mvn clean install command works fine on the command line though. Stephane But when I choose the option to update the maven dependencies, I still have on depndency, the one for the spring framework, that is not taken into account, resulting in the import org.springframework.. I now looked for a way to move my post to this other forum but could not find any way to do that, so I'll repost again over there. I then went to the Help page which advises to: If cannot remember your password for FUDforum, you should go to the reset password page, on that page enter your email address inside the text box and press the Reset Password button.

Cheers, I'm trying to post a new thread but cannot because the form to post asks me for a password even though I'm already logged in. This will send you an email with a special URL, when you access that URL your password will be reset and you will receive a new email with your password.

I'll see if we can't just delete these "closed" forums. That project (m2e) appears to prefer mailing lists for user discussions. Here's a link to their mailing list subscription form: I apologize for the apparent runaround.

Hang in there -- I'm sure someone will answer your question.

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