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Let your baby decide how much to eat, and never force your baby to eat.

Alan Basinet's Marble Website during the late 90's to the mid 2000's.

For a much more thorough description of the history of hand made glass marbles, please visit my History of Glass Making in Lauscha, Germany page.

Transparent Swirls can be found in size from 7/16" to well over two inches, though some are more restricted in their size range. Several factors can increase the collectibility and therefore the value of Transparent Swirls.

Hand made glass marbles were invented in Lauscha, Germany, in the late 1840s.

They were produced until the early part of the twentieth century, when World War I and the invention of marble producing machinery in America effectively ended the hand made marble industry.

Passing along a first name through the generations is a beautiful way to honor your heritage, but it can create problems for your child down the road.

It’s not unusual for credit and governmental agencies to mistake Murray Senior for Murray Junior or Murray the third.

Roy and Nikki were expecting their first child when they drove through the town of Hazen, Pennsylvania.

Inspired by the sound of it, they made a slight alteration and named their newborn daughter, Cazen.

Take Carly and change it to Carlie, Carleigh or even Car Lee. If the father’s name is Nicholas, for example, a son might be Nikko or a daughter Nicole.

Change Colby to Kolby, James to Jaymes or Andrew to An Drew. Or try reversing Dad’s first and middle names so that Martin James becomes James Martin (Jaime Martina would work for a girl).

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