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But there is a reason that he felt like that was an option. See more » Enjoyable funny movie that portrayed the modern day conflict of a couple with two careers.

Don't need to see something for 30 seconds or 2 minutes when the point is made and understood in considerably less time.

I don't see any academy nods for this one nor would I have expected any for this genre of movie but it was an enjoyable movie for an evening.

Although our volunteers are no longer able to keep citizen Joe fresh, we still believe in its mission - to provide Americans with a source of unspun information on contentious policy issues and to promote multi-partisan dialogue.

The newly-appointed Olson Graduate Assistant in Special Collections will recount his experience at the Convent of the Recoleta in Arequipa, Peru, where he assisted with identifying and cataloging early printed books in the monastery’s collection.

He will describe the collection and comment on its place in the history of the transatlantic Spanish book trade.

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