Epo not updating Porndating on mobile

The concept is also known as a ‘satellite pre-cache’, or various wording variations thereof.

Hi All, I've noticed that I need to plug-in the watch to my computer to have the desktop version of Garmin Express push the latest EPO. When I synchronize using the mobile version of Garmin Connect over Bluetooth I notice that the EPO.This year, however, the WIPO reports 23,032 less PCT applications than the EPO.Last week, a DCR reader reached out to me to ask why his Garmin was storing EPO on it.But that brings up the question – why does his Garmin use EPO? First up – EPO is the Extended Prediction Orbit, which specifically focuses on the satellite portion of your GPS device.EPO files allow GPS chipsets to predict where satellites will be in the sky, which in turn speeds up GPS acquisition time.The idea behind it (that works on other devices like the Forerunner 220/620 too) is that the GPS can find the satellites faster using recent information about the position of the satellites.It works very well; instead of minutes it takes just a few seconds to get a fix.BIN file is not present in the REMOTESW folder on the watch.Does that mean that in order to get the latest A-GPS data one needs to hookup the watch to the computer every day ?Just like in any other year, the main goal is to show that the EPO has become even more important.Although the number of direct EP filings has been more or less constant over the last decade ( 2.7% in 2015, similar level to 2005), a year over year growth scenario is presented by adding all PCT applications.

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