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Sperm are made in your testes and stored in an adjacent sac called the epididymis.Once you’ve made up your mind that you never want to have any more children, there’s no more reliable form of contraception than vasectomy.But one precaution: To lower the risk of your vasectomy failing, make sure the surgeon who does yours is qualified and has a lot of experience.When done correctly by an experienced physician, as few as 1 in 1,000 vasectomies fail to do their job — preventing you from ejaculating sperm when you have an orgasm, thus preventing pregnancy.But when performed by doctors who do vasectomies fewer than 50 times a year, the failure rate is as high as 10% to 17% or more. At first I thought it may be to bland for my enema fetish appetite (all health no erotica). .although the tag line caught my eye ‘A very private cottage clinic for gentleman’s fantasies and fetishes’. The facility is run by Matron and located deep within the United Kingdom countryside. Every gallery is from Wired Pussy , promoting erotic electrical play at it"s finest. Jeff heard erotic stories about hot women like Zilda. or planning on visiting anytime soon I just came across an interesting site known as the Colonic Clinic . All the pictures are also themed with bondage and punishment, all involving electricity. Go easy on me, but definitely give me some suggestions. She’s a MILF with short blondish hair, thin waist and a nice fat tight ass and about 5ft 6inches in her nurse sneakers. Its all about the ass, and with special consideration for the enema fetish focus. If you haven’t heard of the collector, he is an enema aficionado with a passion for the subtlety. A whole new slant with lots of enema action, followed by some fisting and hard anal fucking! A lot of these photos have rich tones in them with soft hues. This is the launching pad for the male contribution to reproduction.If the sperm don’t get to the pad, there’s still blastoff, but it’s the unmanned version — no sperm astronauts to couple with the ova in her space.

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