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In a separate Lake of the Ozarks incident, an 8-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister both died while swimming from a dock that was also reported to have "improper wiring."An earlier test of 50 freshwater boats in the Portland, Oregon area by Kevin Ritz, the nation's foremost expert on ESD, found that 13 boats — 26 percent — were leaking potentially lethal doses of electricity into the water. AC current flow of around 100 milliamps (m A) of AC current will put the heart into fibrillation and death will likely follow within seconds.

But lesser amounts of electricity, say, 15- 30 m A, will create muscle paralysis, and even the best swimmers will be drowned.

Amazingly, in 2015, it's still possible to feel like you’ve reached the end of the Internet, especially if you rely on your social networks for news and amusement.

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For any further information, questions or queries about the INFORMATION FOR TRADERS AND EXHIBITORS – For all logistical information, including trade, club and private entry exhibition information contact: Sales executive: Andy Catton Phone | 01507 529594 Email | [email protected] INFORMATION FOR MEDIA – For editorial, images and ticket competition packages contact: PR and communications executive: Jack Harrison Phone | 01507 529542 Mobile | 07500 446468 Email | [email protected] There may be flashing lights used at this event.

We’ve used smart engineering to design every inch of our trampoline.

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