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This followed allegations of his coach Alberto Salazar administering performance-enhancing drugs to some of his athletes.

Farah wasn’t one of the athletes accused – and has since twice stated he has never taken drugs – and the coach denies all the claims.

Elsewhere, it covers Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Israel. Three publicises Feel At Home by saying that it enables you to ‘use your phone abroad at no extra cost’.

But to call or text non-UK numbers – imagine you are in Spain and you phone a restaurant in Barcelona – you will be charged extra, at roaming rates.

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We were barely five minutes into the four-hour stint covering the event in Russia when the host, Gabby Logan – seated in Salford with Lewis and Radcliffe – promised that “we would be talking about the Farah story in half an hour”.

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But in the world of mobile phones, where roaming means using your device abroad, that approach is unwise.

Making calls, downloading emails and browsing the internet when in another country can result in very large bills. The best option is to be with mobile operator Three.

Its customers can call and text UK numbers and use data in some countries at no extra cost to their UK price plans.

Three is the only operator to offer this arrangement, which it calls Feel At Home.

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With Spain and New Zealand added earlier this month, it now applies in 18 countries.

In Europe, the deal also covers France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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