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We've just traded in the mini Kit Kats for sweet shots and plenty of eye candy.

And it just wouldn't be Vegas without the chance to win some money.

Fans of the Neon Museum will be happy to hear they’ll be bringing some vintage neon to The Strip for the first time.

The Neon Museum is partnering with Fashion Show Mall, and will install a sign from the Red Barn at the shopping complex in June.

This really is one of the most spooktacular Vegas parties you’ll see the Friday before Halloween. 31) are hitting the stage and you best believe we’ll be in the front screaming their names. For only you can crawl around in your costume to different bars for great chilling cocktails that are to-die-for and discounted.Vanity All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween – whatever you want to call it – is the one day a year when you can dress up however you like and no one can judge you.We’ve started to rummage through our closets to find the ultimate costume. We might take the classic white sheet ghost route (a cost-saving measure so we’ve got more money for boo-ze, get it? Vanity Nightclub is going back to the future with its retro ‘80s music with DJ CB Shaw dropping his sick beats on this spooky night. Downtown Pub Crawl It isn’t Halloween unless you’re crawling from bar to bar looking like a zombie.We’re here for you, and we’re happy to customize a wedding ceremony that is uniquely you.Viva Las Vegas Weddings offers romantic weddings with traditional ministers, but you can also tie the knot with Elvis, a Tom Jones or Liberace impersonator, "Marilyn" (Manson or Monroe tribute artists), Dracula, or a vast array of wild and crazy characters and look-a-likes.It’s also expected the new space will have signs from the Las Vegas Club, Spearmint Rhino, Longhorn Casino, Opera House Gambling Club.While we’ve never heard of the Polynesian casino, its sign is apparently one of the signs already on-site.Outdoor gazebo weddings provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for traditional and not-so-traditional ceremonies.Have your dream Gazebo Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels. Open the door to your Las Vegas fantasy and stay at the Palms Place Suites.The additional space is just .27 acres, but that’s a lot when measured in classic Las Vegas signs.One of the signs is a truck-sized monster from the demolished Stardust.

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